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  1. No brainer...number 1 for the beaches the girls will love!
  2. When we traveled with our foster child, the case worker had to appear before the judge in charge of the case to get his/her OK. We needed the letter from the judge saying it was OK to take her out of the country. We were given a Temp passport as she didn't have a birth certificate (her mom never applied for one and she was a street child). We also took school ID pictures and records. Her case worker had us fill out a form so we could sign for medical care, however, we still had to call the case worker before medical care could be given since she was the actual person in charge. She gave us her home phone and the judge was kind enough to give us his private email. If she need certain medications or treatments, the judge and not the SW had to approve it. This was in the state of California. All states are different. Have a great time!
  3. Hi, We are taking out grandkids on a cruise on the Joy and we want to go to the Teppanaki dining. This is one of our "free" choices. Do we have to pay the $47 per child (we have 4 of them) or can we share our food with them and let them order from the children's menu? Thank you!
  4. I chose to purchase the Cheers program 6 months ago when I booked my cruise. I can't tell if it is paid for or not. The site shows that I paid for an excursion, but does not show if Cheers was paid for. How do I find out? Same with restaurants....I have two different reservations, but can't remember if I paid for them. How can I see what still needs to be paid for? Eileen
  5. We just booked a cruise and one of the perks is the Free at Sea dining for three days. We are booked on the Joy. Can we go to any of the restaurants and order whatever we want? How does this work with a la carte restaurants? In Cagney's, can we order anything or is there a price limit? I am so confused about this. Thank you.
  6. We are on the same itinerary in Feb. on the Magic. Looking forward to your review!
  7. We are going to La Romana in Feb. and would really feel safer in Amber Cove. We will stay on the ship. We have the CHEERS package and will enjoy that all day. I really would like it if Carnival would allow all ships to go to Amber Cove where John said it is protected.
  8. I really hope they will change ports. We are going to La Romana and won't get off the ship. I know crime happens all over, but the liquor bootlegging seems to be a big problem there. Now it's not only liquor, but all liquids that they can get cheaper.
  9. Did Carnival do away with the lobster tail in the Steakhouse? The menu had Surf and Turf, but I didn't see the large lobster tail option. I am loving your review! Eileen
  10. We are doing the same itinerary. What did you do in La Romana and Curacao?
  11. Where can I find day passes to the spa? I am only able to see weekly passes. Thanks!!
  12. Now I have to figure out if I am a floater or a sinker....LOL!!!! I looked at my Carnival page and don't see an option to buy a one day pass....only a week long pass to the spa. Is there someplace I am not looking?
  13. We will be on the Magic. Thank you all!
  14. How can you use the thalassotherapy pool and spa showers if you are not in a spa suite? Eileen
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