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  1. We were as disappointed as all of you were that we missed our overnight. Of course, like many of you, we wish the person who was in medical need well. Our disappointment with Celebrity comes when Celebrity expects the 100 people who had their shore excursion cancelled expects us to be understanding....and many of us are, but we paid $600 pp for that excursion more than 1 1/2 years ago.... before sailing that excursion this cost was $800 pp. We did get our $600 pp monies refunded, however, if we were lucky enough to find a desired shore excursion available we had to now pay the increased price. Our belief is that Celebrity should have discounted the booking we had to make onboard to compensate for our other cancelled excursion. I’m sure it would be an insignificant amount but it would have showed they understood our sadness. By the way, we had to get waitlisted to get another excursion..... thank goodness someone onboard cancelled it!
  2. Thank you for all your wonderful suggestions!!! I really appreciate you mentioning that you took your teenager because I was concerned it might be awkward for her. We did take the Specialty Dining Package. Will you be onboard this cruise with us? If so, hope to meet you onboard. Sheila
  3. We are Sheila and Brian from South Florida. We will be sailing on this cruise with our 18 year old granddaughter for her H.S. graduation gift to her. Looking forward to meeting all of you and making new friends.
  4. We booked our Princess cruise when booking opened, at least 1 1/2 to 2 years ahead of sailing. When I booked the cruise, I also booked all the shore excursions. At the time there was no option to use Ship Board Credit, therefore I charged the entire list of shore excursions we planned for that cruise. We were given $850 in SBC when we booked. Since we had only taken Princess on one other occasion which was many years ago, we never knew about using SBC prior to sailing. Prior to getting our final paperwork for embarkation I was on Cruise Critic and learned about using that monies and getting a refund on the excursions already purchased, however, it was mentioned that one should be aware that "some" of the excursions are booked and you may not be able to rebook after you cancel....there may be a waiting list. Instead of trying to determine which ones can be cancelled for rebooking safely, I just figured that since all have been paid for awhile ago, I will just let it stay as is, figuring once onboard that I can just get my SBC monies back at the end and put onto my credit card like Celebrity does. Once onboard, 2 shore excursions were cancelled by the ship and monies were put into my refundable SBC account. After tips were taken out of the account and some incidentals what was left was my $544.18. It was all done very innocently , since we are seasoned cruisers we "thought" we knew how the Princess system worked. Guess we just assumed!!! :( However, now that our saga has ended, and our monies refunded we consider ourselves much smarter. Our conclusion is that we will NOT travel Princess again.........we will stick with Celebrity. Once again, thank all of you for your help. It was greatly appreciated and hopefully we will meet one day on a Celebrity Cruise. :) Sheila
  5. We received our check from Princess today 🎉🎉🎉🎉. Thanks to all of you I had HOPE that eventually it would arrive! It’s been 4 months in the making....guess that’s why it’s called Snail Mail 😂
  6. Thank you all for your replies!! The last call we made was to the company, Bottomline, that actually processed and mailed the check. They assured us that the check has been mailed from Oregon and we should receive it in several days. It’s been 1 1/2 weeks. We could say maybe we should be more patient, however last time they assured us we should be receiving that check, it never came. It’s reassuring to hear that some have actually received their checks! I was beginning to doubt Princess’ ability to fulfill their obligation to refund the SBC.. We recently took a Celebrity cruise and within 1 day our SBC was credited to our credit card . They obviously have a better system. I will keep you posted if I do receive our check. Thank you!!! Sheila
  7. My husband and myself took a British Isles cruise on July 24, 2017 are due a $544.18 refund check. To date we have received NOTHING. We have called several times and at first we were told that a check was sent out to an address that we have moved from 5 years ago. Princess said they will stop payment on that check. No other check was reissued until we called back inquiring where is the new check. We were later told that our new check was issued September 14 and sent to the corrected address. One month later still no check was received. After another call to Princess we were then told that the check was now finally sent to us on Monday, October 30. Here it is November 7 and we still have NO Check!!!!! We asked our Travel Agent to intercede but to no avail. Princess has had our $544.18 for many many months with no help in sight. Can anyone give us any advise on what our next step should be. This whole experience has soured us towards Princess!!!!!!!!!!
  8. We sailed on the Oasis' Inaugural public sailing and it was Special. Lots going on, extra gifts on your bed each night...great fun!!! They too had a 2 day sailing prior for VIP's and TA. I believe the actual naming of the ship was is Europe prior to it's sailing to the US. We thought it was such fun that we booked this Inaugural 😊
  9. It's nice to know you Cruise Critic people are there .....thanks for your help!
  10. Recently we booked the Celebrity Soltice sailing from Auckland, NZ to Sydney, Australia departing Dec 9, 2016. I tried starting a new thread putting the correct information in the title. I heard back from someone sailing on that same sailing date but the year 2014. Why will my correct sailing date not be accepted and start a new thread? Plus, you do not show any sailings for the Soltice in the month of December 2016. Sheila
  11. Chris, Thanks for the recommendation......we checked out tlcohio's pictures and narrative while on Soltice Australia/NZ....it is awesome!! Sheila
  12. Chris thanks for the advise. Prior to this cruise we will be on Azamara Journey from India to Singapore. We have 9 days inbetween for this sailing on the Soltice. Our plan was to spend 4 days in Sydney and 4 days in Singapore before flying to Auckland with 1 day travel time. I'll look into Terry's post and may decide to alter our plan to include time in Auckland. Thanks for your help😊 Sheila
  13. We are sailing on the Soltice...December 9, 2016...from Auckland to Sydney and tried to start a new thread. So sorry but there was no options listed. I'm a novice on this site. I apologize. Sheila
  14. We are Sheila and Brian from So. Florida. We are excited to finally be going Down Under and looking forward to meeting many new faces.
  15. How can I get on the message boards for our back to back sailings? March 2, 2014 March 16, 2014
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