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  1. Thanks for the review! We hope we're sailing on July 11. We love Jack's Shack but never have been to the other 3. I made notes! I read about Magen's Bay somewhere else. Are there bathrooms? Chairs on the beach? Adult beverages? Is it as beautiful as I've read? How much was the taxi to and from? Were taxis hard to find? Sorry about the bombardment of questions! Thanks in advance!
  2. Thank you!! I see one can join for $49/year. Do you think that's necessary?
  3. There was an offer today that was too good to pass up! I was talking to hubby on the phone about the cruise, and he said we would discuss when he comes home. I saw that the deal was disappearing (the balcony rooms were no longer available) so I jumped on it! I'm very excited, but haven't been to Europe. We go to Germany next month, but I know nothing about planning this trip. 1) What kind of price should I look for for one-way airfare for 2 to London? 2) If the cruise leaves early on Sunday, what's the latest you would arrive in London? 3) Which airline(s) should I watch for cheap airfare? Any websites you recommend? 4) Stops are in Le Havre France, La Coruna Spain, Leixoes (Porta) Portugal, Lisbon Portugal, Gibraltar, Malaga Spain and ending in Barcelona Spain. If there's anything that rings a bell and we HAVE to do or see, can you please let me know? 5) I think my hubby is going to fly home from Barcelona while I'm going to go to Baumholder Germany (12 hours by train) to visit my son and his family. They were just stationed there. Does this seem like a plan or do you predict a problem? 6) I read about transportation by National Express. Should I take that from London to Dover? I'm guessing Dover is cheaper to stay than London. Unfortunately my husband won't have much time off for us to explore London. Next time! Thank you so much!! I think I have lots of research ahead of me. I can't wait! 322 days!!
  4. Does anyone know what the IMAX theater will play on the Horizon? I wonder how new the movies are. Specifically, The Lion King comes out when we're on board. What are the chances it'll be played in the IMAX theater? (crossing fingers!!)
  5. Thanks for the review and being available for questions. What did you do in the ports? We're on the Horizon with this itenerary on July 13. Can't wait!
  6. Great review! Thank you!! I love your positive outlook on things with some truths. We leave July 13 and I can't wait!!
  7. Watching and wondering the same....Thanks!!
  8. We were on the Dream 2 weeks ago. Late dining was aft in the Scarlet dining room. We didn't have any vibration issues and sat right by the windows. I think the Crimson dining room mid-ship is YTD.
  9. Great review! I'm so excited because we board Sunday!! Keep the info coming and thanks again!
  10. Bonus points?? Oh I wish I had time to learn to juggle!! This sounds great! Thanks so much-
  11. Do these 12-packs have to be in the box, or can they be just 12 cans in a carry on? Thanks so much!!
  12. 1) Don't try to do it all, take time to chill. 2) Walk the whole ship as soon as you feel like it. You'll never know what you'll find and what you'll want to return to. 3) 99% of the people on board are just as happy as you and want to have a good time. Don't let the grumpy 1% get you down. 4) Once you go with a balcony room, you'll never go back. Don't do it! 😉
  13. Thanks for the review...made a note about getting into the comedy club. Hitting the same cruise on March 3! Can't wait!
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