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  1. Interesting fact: in noting the transit time that it took virtually all day and in daylight hours was that cruise ships (of at least Carnival Freedom) pay $660,000 to transit during daylight hours for pax enjoyment. Otherwise ships wait their turn as the Canal is open 24/7. Certainly would not benefit cruisers to sail through in the middle of the night!
  2. Took the cruise Jan 19. Library open 24/7. Yeh!
  3. Also: Aruba, Curacoa, Grand Cayman, Cartegena, Colombia, Limon, Costa Rica is any questions.
  4. Just came back from 14 day Carnival Freedom. 70+ so always buy medical now. Always use squaremouth.com.
  5. Is the library open 24/7 or are there set hours? Thanks.
  6. Leaving Saturday for the Freedom 14 day Panama Canal cruise. Anyone who took it in October or last January have anything to share? Thanks.
  7. I think there is a section entitled shore excursions for your cruise, so that might indicate whether it is available or not.
  8. Cruiserbarbie


    We'll be there in January for about the 10th time. We have rented scooters for a tour around the island and picked up a piece of driftwood which had a perfect crevasse for a large seashell that I found. Put the two together and have what I consider a wonderful reminder of Cozumel, for nothing. We have also gone to Chanakaab for the day. Other times took a taxi to town and walked around and then walked back. We've been to the market in town and a WONDERFUL shop is Chololateria Isla Bella Isla which I go to no matter what. This time I am going to SkyReef, buying the Welcome Pkg for $18-snorkel, drink, massage, etc. So you have lots of options.
  9. Don't know if this applies as it applies to weight and number of pax: I believe each room has a capacity and if those rooms reach the capacity or max, then other rooms have to lose their max. So if I'm in cabin that holds 4 and 4 are going to occupy it and that happens with the majority of the cabins, due to weight, balance, total number of pax so far, certain cabins that are left then lose their max capacity, I think.
  10. Options off the top of my head: 1-370 days out is a heck of a long time to know that his work schedule won't allow him to make the trip. At 370 days out if there absolutely, positively no way he could make it, swap with someone? Hate to be flip but unless he is an astronaut either going to or coming from the International Space Station, I would think something could be done. If not, what kind of company is that to work for that something can't be worked out over a year away! 2-assume he will be able to go take out cancel for any reason insurance for him 3-you still have almost 310 days to pay in full without penalty. you could give it time. 4-with no names listed, if he absolutely knows right now he won't be able to make it,, drop him completely out of the plans and put another relative in his place. How much is his portion of the deposit in order to know what to do 5-other cruisers will have some great suggestions, so hang in there!
  11. Don't bar hop but will answer question on taxis. There are PLENTY! You pay by the taxi not pax. So 1-4 pax taxi is $8 if there are 1 or 4 pax it is $8. BUT if the taxi holds 5, then the fare is $12 and if the taxi holds more than it is $16. What happens is you just need a taxi for 4 people, you can squeeze in a 1-4 person taxi and it will be $8, BUT if the next taxi in line is either a 5pax or 6-8pax taxi and it just you 4, it will be either $12 or$16. What they did to us was the taxi was 6-8, we were a group of 4 and they wouldn't let the taxi leave until it was full. More annoying than anything was we were all going one place and the other folks who got squeezed into our taxi someplace else, so we rode around to drop them off first and of course, addresses, directions can be problematic. So if you are in that situation, will not make your meet-up time. You could always walk out a bit and grab one. .
  12. Port is always open. Are you taking about the Carnival facility? What ship? When is departure? Have you paid the total cruise fare? Is this your very first cruise from Galveston? Have you gone online to your account and selected a checkin time?
  13. Might depend on the ship- old versus recently refurbished etc. So what ship are you sailing?
  14. Maybe it was their first trip EVER out of the state where they live or US? At 71 and 74 and described as "elderly" (which is the same as me and my hubby-ouch!) maybe they are really older than their age. Maybe they checked about Japan and SK and skipped China? What about shore excursions? Were they just going to wander around the port, so either TA, HAL shore excursion group should have mentioned visas. HAL demographics are older than some cruise lines, so maybe they need to send a checklist to ensure their elderly pax are compliant--passport check, visas check!
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