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  1. Yup! Well, it's preliminary research, but all signs point to an equitable if not better response. Also a greater risk of post-vaccine side effects......but I'd happily exchange a few days of feeling lousy for better protection. Following an AZ shot with an mRNA as a booster has actually been shown to provide better protection than boostering an AZ vaccine with another AZ vaccine. When it comes to the mRNA vaccines, it doesn't really matter which one as they're kind of interchangeable -- so boostering with Pfizer is the same as boostering with Moderna. I'm more upset about the rumour that the US will not accept vaccinations with AZ as valid for purposes of travel, because it hasn't been approved in the US. I mean, I'm glad it wasn't approved because it means they gave Canada a bunch and I got vaccinated earlier than expected, but I hope it doesn't mean I can't enter the US. It does seem like it would be shooting themselves in the foot not to accept people vaccinated with an efficacious vaccine that's been approved in so many other countries.
  2. Sounds like a jam-packed trip.....have fun! I've been cruising solo for over 10 years or so, but I've never done a European cruise (I prefer lots and lots of sea days). I did do a 6 week solo trip to Italy 18 months ago, and it was so fabulous I want to go back again.
  3. I disagree with Jim - take a book or a kindle if you want to. This is your cruise, and if you feel better perusing a book or your day's photos on your phone, do it. Or if you feel better taking it just in case you might want to, do it. I did it frequently, and I was not trying to hide from anyone - I was trying to enjoy myself. If other people thought I was nervous or introverted, that's their problem, not mine. I did not go to dinner with the plan of meeting people, and therefor wanted to make myself seem approachable (ick - sounds like a pickup bar), I went to dinner with the plan to enjoy some good food and something mentally interesting, which might be people watching or it might be reading a book or my phone. When I cruise solo (whether I have friends onboard or not), I enjoy it most when I can do what I want to do, not when I feel I must do something to "fit in". I do enough of that back home. I also didn't want people dining nearby to think that I had nothing better to do than listen in on their conversations 😉
  4. I thought that maybe I could get a head start on getting a refund on my deposit, and I figured I could almost assuredly re-book it if it turns out that it's going and I'd be comfortable aboard.
  5. I just cancelled my booking on a June 2021 Baltic cruise. I wasn't going to wait for them to cancel it for me, LOL. If things look up, I know I'll be able to book a 2021 cruise closer to the date.
  6. That depends on your definition of "solo friendly". For me, I decided Crystal was the most solo friendly because they have low solo supplements on virtually all voyages, and they treat solos well i.e. they treat solos exactly like any other passenger who is traveling with someone else. That's what I think of as "solo friendly" - no discrimination of solos, even in small things. I get tired of standing in line to enter or be seated somewhere and they address the pair behind me, as if we must be a group of 3. Stuff like that. And with solo supplements in the 25%-30% range, even a luxury line is barely more expensive than a mainstream line for me.
  7. I think of it more as "for those who want to choose if or when to rub elbows with fellow passengers"
  8. Because being separated from everything, looking off the ship and seeing no commercial life, really helps me relax and feel calm. I could probably get equally as calm and relaxed in a solitary cabin in the woods, too, but cruise ships come with better food and service 😉 When I get to a port, even seeing the equipment and cars near a large port causes me to subtly tense up a bit. Other than mid-day trivia, I don't do any activities, even ones I think would be interesting......my time is spent watching the ocean, reading a book, listening to an audiobook, or playing Scrabble and chatting with friends (if I'm on a cruise with friends). On a cruise ship, no one wants anything from me, and that's so very different from the rest of the world that is always wanting my attention, my time, my money. I think we all forget how constant those demands are, until they're not there any more. When I want to see cities/towns, I'll do a land vacation and take time to get the feel of those places - more than the 8-36 hours at port offered by cruises.
  9. But the reason it was not provided was not a fraudulent one. Fraud is more than just not delivering what was purchased - it's intentionally using deception to steal (that money, by not delivering the product). There was no deception involved.
  10. Hotels as well - I think hotels most of all, who were already having difficulty with the AirBnB type offerings.
  11. The difference is in the motivation, not the action. One is about a contagious disease, the other is about ideology.
  12. I would love a 14 day cruise with no port calls! I've almost been on a cruise leg like that: Hawaii to New Zealand with no stops, a total of 12 days at sea, if I recall. It was wonderful! (The cruise started in LA, and Oahu was the only stop on the trip to NZ.)
  13. It's hard - you kind of have to know why you like what you like, and look for signs that those same things (even in a different package) will be there.
  14. I'd rather not book a cruise than book a cruise I don't want.......there are lots of other ways to travel. I cruise for sea days not port stops, so if the ship isn't what I want, it's not worth it.
  15. You're right! The difference is astounding, far more than I'd imagined; it's shocking to see it in black and white like this (from the linked article): " The primary benchmark is the EU's average number of new infections per 100,000 people over the past two weeks. For the EU, that number is 16. For the US, it's 107."
  16. Right, and he also said don't wear masks -- and now he says the decision to say those wrong (from a health perspective) things were made because of the unfortunate political situation the US was in. Sad but true. Which was a good idea, unfortunately it didn't work out the way they planned and enforcement was poor. A good idea, though. Oh, I'm not in shape at all, though I am pretty healthy. My point was that taking your measure of choice (going to the gym daily) should not be the measure to determine how millions of people feel about something. It's illogical and, ultimately, short-circuits what you're trying to say.
  17. If only going to the gym in late afternoon was a measure of being health minded (eye roll). While I agree with your premise, your example is beyond weak as evidence.
  18. Yes, but what's your point? My post was not to correct you, but to expand with other examples.
  19. Well, it was the official name of the country. Just like the "Democratic People's Republic of Korea" is the official name of North Korea, and the "Lao People's Democratic Republic" is the official name of Laos. Even the short lived communist rule of Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge was called "Democratic Kampuchea".......generally speaking, if you have to declare your democracy, you're not a democracy. At least with Vietnam - the Socialist Republic of Vietnam - there's truth in advertising
  20. I had to say more....... They're not closing their border to China because China has a handle on the disease, their case rate is very low, and when they see an outbreak, they jump right on managing it and stopping the spread. They were in horrible condition, like Italy, Spain, and the US, but unlike the US they got a handle on it, brought their numbers and infections down, and for the most part, kept it down. They did massive amounts of testing (including things like mobile MRIs), and did massive amounts of infection control (of course it was easier to do that because they're an authoritarian state with full control, and cooperation from the people there...but even democracies like Taiwan and S. Korea have done more testing, contact tracing, and control). The US wasted a lot of time because of politically-motivated lies, and it is still doing a horrible job in controlling this virus. Even if they are doing more testing, they're not doing a very good job of contact tracing, nor are they doing a good job of instituting and enforcing reasonable and helpful infection control methods.
  21. No. That's a fact. It didn't, it allowed tens of thousands of people to fly in from China. It did limit their landing to a much fewer number of airports, but this idea of a "China ban" is a lie. And that doesn't even mention flights from Europe, which had already registered Covid-19 cases a week before the US limited who could fly in from China. As for the task force......well, their actual effect is kind of dubious. As we can tell. Ha! No, more testing does NOT mean more cases. That's a scientific fact. It's reality. More testing just means you know about those cases, but they are there whether you see them or not. It's object permanence, which most people learn before they're 2 years old. Those cases will become sources of infection for others, they may become hospital cases, and they may become deaths. Those cases are real, whether they're revealed in tests or not, and that's exactly why the actual case counts are undoubtedly higher than what's counted. And, while testing might have been offered to anyone who wants it, I don't believe testing has been available to everyone who wants it. Other countries are "punishing" the US not because of the number of cases, but because of the rate of infection, and the change in the rate of infection. The number of cases is going up, the number of Covid hospitalizations is going up, and the lack of adherence to reasonable safety precautions is also going up.
  22. Interesting......to me, a cafeteria is where you go to the offered food, and serve yourself from pre-plated or pre-packaged food. There may be options of food, but definitely no options of size/quantity. A buffet is where you go to the offered food, and you or someone else will give you the food and quantities that you want. Obviously regional (or national) differences in definitions. My school had a cafeteria, but the only food sold there was already prepared in individual servings.
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