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  1. Thank you, that's great to know! I hadn't heard about it before and when I looked it up quickly I just quickly read it was privately owned so I did automatically assume it was mostly a tourist trap. Thanks for the insight!
  2. Ugh I was really leaning towards NCL but we have to figure out if 11 days is too long even though that sounds amazing (leaving two year old with grandparents!). The Sun does a 9 day which I was almost set on but then it looks like it doesn't do any glaciers which is a bummer! I'd rather do a glacier day then the Icy Point stop...
  3. We did Alaska in 2013 on the Disney Wonder. We did Tracy Arm up to the Sawyer Glacier and it was incredible to maybe I will make sure the itinerary this time includes Glacier Bay! I will look into Princess, thank you!
  4. That's a great deal you got and thanks for the info! Vancouver airfare looks to be pretty expensive so that's the reasoning for Seattle but I'll need to take other expenses into account. We were very lucky to do the Wonder to Alaska in 2013, got a great deal through my father's company who took a bunch of employees which is why we will be going with a different line this time! We are definitely about the experiences on shore as well. Have you sailed NCL before? There is a sailing on the Sun which seems perfect (only 1900), the other sailings are on the Bliss which is pretty muc
  5. We did go out of Vancouver on our last cruise and loved it! Those are really good points. We started looking at Seattle because flights to Vancouver from southern California were MUCH higher but I didn't think about driving up!
  6. Oh wow, that must be the smallest! I'll have to look into that!
  7. Definitely, thank you! I was a little thrown off by a few port times at first compared to our first cruise on the Wonder but then realized the amount of time you still had in port and remembering how much lighter it was later. Luckily most the cruise lines we are looking at have sailings with times and itineraries we like so just trying to nail down the best ships!
  8. Thank you! Yes, it does seem like most ships are smaller. There were a few NCL ships that were larger with around the 4000 passenger mark but they also had itineraries we liked with smaller ships! Thank you, I really appreciate it! I thought we had settled on NCL but then I started looking into Celebrity (but I am a Coke person haha!). We get to leave our toddler with grandparents so maybe taking advantage of "refined and relaxed" will be a good idea!
  9. I've done a fair amount of research on which cruise line we'd like to use for our Alaskan cruise but I feel like I haven't been able to narrow it down! We sailed on the Disney Wonder a few years ago and it was AWESOME! Budget this year doesn't allow for Disney again so I was looking for something as close to that experience as possible. I'd love some opinions, I thought I had it narrowed down to NCL and Holland but then Celebrity and Princess sound good too! We've also done multiple Caribbean cruises on Carnival and enjoyed them as well, just thought maybe we'd try someone different. I've
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