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  1. coolson_2000

    Excursion Price Match

    Not true AT ALL. I believe you can submit price matches up until 48 hours before your excursion.
  2. coolson_2000

    String's Easy BREEZE-Y Carnival Girl Review

    On debarkation day he whispered the following on the intercom to the entire ship (cabins included) Good Morning. Good Morning! I'm under your bed. I died laughing. Didn't think he did anything inappropriate.
  3. coolson_2000

    String's Easy BREEZE-Y Carnival Girl Review

    We were on this sailing. Had a great time. Thought Schwartz did a hell of a job. Also thought the best comedian was dj cooch. The only issue we had was debarking. We chose to do self assist because it was deemed as "express" debarkation. Be warned that this is NOT the case. Debarking began around 7:45 but we were not able to get off the ship until around 9:15 even though we were self assist. Not a fan of the new debarking procedures at all.
  4. coolson_2000


    I've had the same experience as you.
  5. coolson_2000

    Carnival Breeze - Red Frog Pub

    My guess is that they mean it's included on the ship (it exists). Food and drinks are definitely pay as you go.
  6. coolson_2000

    Carnival excursion prices

    This. I spent around 10 minutes looking for a comparable 3rd party match for our excursions. I found a couple that were a close match but not exact. One didn't even include transportation to the excursion site. I rolled the dice and sent them to Carnival anyway. A couple of days later I get emails that both were approved. $50 more in my pocket. [emoji1303]
  7. coolson_2000

    Is there a way to avoid hot deck surfaces?

    Replace deck with tiles from the heat shield of the space shuttle [emoji16]
  8. coolson_2000

    Would LOVE some insight, thank you.

    Pun intended? Seriously, there is no reason to worry. If everyone had a perfect body, the hairy chest contest wouldn't be as fun.
  9. coolson_2000

    Allstate drive wise cards too!

    Dadsday2018 1000 points
  10. coolson_2000

    Allstate drive wise cards too!

    You can log in and check your order. It'll usually give a tracking number.
  11. coolson_2000

    Pina Colada and Strawberry Daquiri variations

    Gonna be there on the 10th as well. We're on the roll call thread.
  12. coolson_2000

    Pina Colada and Strawberry Daquiri variations

    That's right, I was trying to remember the name. What other variations of the Pina Colada can I try this time?
  13. coolson_2000

    Allstate drive wise cards too!

    Based on my experience, about 12 days. That includes weekends, so you should be seeing them tomorrow or the day after.
  14. My wife and I are cruising on the Breeze in less than a month. We like the Pina Colada and the Strawberry Daquiri. I've had the drink where they mix the two, but I'm looking to try something new. What is your favorite variation of these drinks (together or separate)?
  15. From my experience, they offer it at boarding time. Go to the desk and ask, you'll be put on a list.