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  1. We had planned to CruiseFirst on a Baltic trip in August. Booked cruise then airfares(so not a package) and our land component either side was self organised. Since border closure was announced, have successfully cancelled all self booked land components with no penalty. C1 however have advised that as there is no known interruption to our bookings, cancellation fees will be almost 2/3’s of what we have paid to date. 300 pp fee still applies but will reduce to 50 pp if we book with them in future! Not on your nelly! I usually book direct and serves me right this time for putting my faith in a
  2. We will be in port for 2 days. We have found 2 x single day tours that suit our interests better than any of the 2 day tours. Has anyone done this and if so, did you experience any issues with the visa checks? I'm assuming we would have to be checked out each day so as long as we had the paperwork for each tour, it wouldn't matter if it wasn't the same company for both days?
  3. Hi Fran, our trouble has been in finding operators that include visits to both Yusupov and St Peter & Paul Fortress. That is why a private tour will likely be our best option to suit our interests as we also would like to spend more than 1.5 hours in the gardens of Peterhof.
  4. Hi debway, thanks, my post was in direct response to yours. Didn’t think I’d get quite so shot down in flames.... and yes, I have posted specific details on our roll call board prior to the kind advice above! Wow! What a job - that’s certainly one way to avoid the crowds! As mentioned, we are happy to pay for what we want in a private tour it was just that you had mentioned your time frame. Alas we we will be there a few days ahead of you. I have been in discussions with St Petersburg Guided Tours, Ludmila Tours and Firebird - none of whom I have seen mentioned on these threads. Fire
  5. We are on RCI Brilliance at end of August and looking for a private tour with more emphasis on Peterhof and less on Hermitage. Would like to see St P&P and Yusupov which aren’t included in most group tours. We are finding private tours for 2 are around $300 - $400 US which is OK for us but wouldn’t mind sharing costs....
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