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  1. My husband and I are trying to figure out what excursions to do on our September Alaskan cruise. We want to see the glaciers and like some hiking but not sure if 6 hours of hiking and such is really our cup of tea. Is this a must see type situation or would you suggest something else?
  2. I am getting ready to plan a cruise for my family of 6 (2 adults 2 teens, and 2 littles, ages 6.5 and 4.) and trying to figure out the best way to book our state rooms. In general I prefer inside state rooms because I get motion sick easily (yea, I know crazy in love cruises but get sick easily on them.) But now with such a large group we obviously cant do one state room or easily do an inside stateroom. What is the best way in general to book a stateroom (or two) to accommodate a large group as well as maximize the savings. I know in one stateroom we would get a discount for the 3rd and 4th passenger so would it be cheaper to do 2 state rooms, 1 with 2 and the other with 4 guests? Does it really even work out better? In general I don't squabble over a few hundred bucks but I'm curious if anyone has figured that out. Are there any state rooms on the big lines that would accommodate 6 people?
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