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  1. We cancelled the middle of march and just received our refund back to our credit card and the FCC (which I must say were VERY generous)
  2. We cancelled the middle of March and just received both our refund to our credit card and the FCC. So it took about 3 months - maybe a little less. I know Princess is working as hard as they can
  3. Thank you so much Everyone for your responses:)
  4. I know this may seem silly but - we were on the Amsterdam earlier this year. Ship stopped in Vancouver and most people got off but we were continuing on to Seattle (not going to Alaska). On the day the ship got to Vancouver the lemonade disappeared. I asked a crew member in the buffet area and he told me there was no lemonade on the ship. WHAT!! how can there not be lemonade??? So now we are going on the Rotterdam in the Spring and I'm wondering if anyone who has been on the Rotterdam recently can tell me if there was lemonade. We don't drink a lot of soda and the tea isn't very good
  5. Oh my gosh!!! Thank you everyone for all the information -everything has been very helpful. I'll check the booking summary for Visa requirements. I did do some research already so I have some info but just wanted to know what other people did in case I was missing something. Lots of good info on credit cards, debit cards and ATM so I'll be looking into that also. Really, thank you so much. This has been invaluable and we really appreciate everyone taking the time do respond.
  6. We have booked our first world cruise in 2021- very excited😊 I know we need to get VISAs for some ports and I know we have to take care of this on our own, but my question is, can Princess tell me which countries we need VISAs for? From reading various posts I know some Princess reps are more knowledgeable than others so if this is something they can help with I'll keep calling back until I get someone who can help. We will be on the Royal for a cruise in October so I was thinking of asking the Future Cruise Consultant this question - not sure how helpful they generally are but I'm figuring
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