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  1. I called Uniworld and found out that the Peles Castle tour is 79€ and that you cannot use onboard credit as it is considered a local pre cruise tour not actually during the cruise. I have a lot of onboard credit that I fear I will not be able to use since Uniworld is “all inclusive “! Not happy!
  2. Can anyone tell me the price of Uniworld ‘s extra cost Peles Castle tour out of Bucharest? Happy Cruising!
  3. Hi Alyssa, Hope you made it home safely to your little one. I’m sure he was glad to see you! Sure am glad we missed this storm! A few hours surely made a difference. Wow! PS - We sat with you at the Meet & Great.
  4. Just got off the Escape and was quite disappointed that the lunch menu in Taste and Savor did not change all week. Didn’t even have daily specials. For those of us who avoid going to the Garden Cafe buffet ( “Kick & Scratch”) the menu became boring!
  5. Each night’s dinner for the three nights we went to the supper club were different. On the night we went to see the Golden Octives they served roast beef which was some of the best we had ever had anywhere. The other two nights we didn’t eat there, only attending the show but what they served ( kebab one night and chicken) looked good.
  6. Until the end of March it looks like Choir of Man will be at 7:30 and 10pm on Monday and Saturday.
  7. Trying to make dinner reservations for Escape cruise and would like to work around shows. What nights and times is the Choir of Man Show now in the theater?
  8. As the original poster I just wanted to know the policy. Sometimes cruise line extend privileges to family occupying the same cabin. Wouldn’t even think about sneaking in! Will use our 3 credited drinks when she is with us! Everyone worked too hard at Cruising to have to deal with crashers!
  9. My DH and I are both Diamond and are planning to cruise on the Anthem with our adult daughter in our cabin. She is a past RCL passenger but is not up to Diamond. Will she be able to accompany us to the Diamond lounge since she is in our cabin on the same reservation?
  10. Which Escape aft balcony cabin #9920 or 9922 has the bed by the slider?
  11. Where do you see “pending” on your offer? Is it in the same place on your bid page where I see “review your offer”?
  12. What accounts for the difference in cabin availability shown on NCL ( for a February sailing) and on large online travel company websites? NCL is showing they are sold out of almost all categories and the onliners are showing cabins that are bookable.
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