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  1. To counter the negativity above... My hotel travels with me (unpack once), I get service better than at most hotels, the food may not always be perfect but it is usually different and interesting, being a patron of a bar “where everybody knows your name” if but for a short while, sampling many locations throughout the world knowing I can return later to spend more time should I find it worthy, dressing “to the 9s” EVERY night because they’re all special occasions in spite of all the “It’s my vacation so I’ll dress like a homeless bum if I want to” people, and finally doing whatever I want when
  2. Thanks Ruth. That’s good information and about what I expected. I did see that thread. Lots of angry rants going on in there.
  3. I'm looking for an idea of how many minors we might expect on HAL on a Caribbean itinerary over Christmas. We are considering a 7 day or a 14 day. I'm assuming the 14 day will have far fewer children, but I have no experience with HAL. Any insights on either are appreciated. Our travel group is considering HAL for the first time for Christmas 2020. We are longtime Celebrity and Royal cruisers who generally avoid cruising over school breaks because we prefer not to vacation where there are a lot of kids. Thanks in advance!
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