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  1. Hi, yes having a great cruise, thanks! The $50 casino credit will both get. Casino just needs an ID with your room key to apply the credit. You definitely do not get Vueve Cliquot champagne included in your package. Although you can pay the difference to drink that, $15 is your limit. Yes, housekeeping have been replenishing the minibar each day. There has been no charge to our account. Food and beverages are included in the mini bar.
  2. That’s a good point and very valid question! I have a feeling we won’t even drink the ones in the room now so I will not take it up with them or argue this point. Hopefully they iron things out and the crew become more informed abou P+ quickly.
  3. We didn’t get any options. There were just two bottles in the cabin when we arrived. I just accepted these two bottles, it doesn’t seem to be worth the worry or effort to get them changed as it seems only the bar manager onboard knows about this new package.
  4. Package plus included two bottles for the cabin. They were in our cabin when we arrived. We did not choose them and received 2 bottles of Anakena Carmenere 2018.
  5. Correct, our cruise fare included no extras/drink packages. This Premium Beverage PLUS offer is only offered to those who don’t have a drink package included in their cruise fare.
  6. Hi, Just an update on the Premium Plus Package. I’m currently onboard the Equinox and pre purchased the Premium plus package online for both of us in the room. Two bottles of wine, invitation to wine tasting and casino credit was waiting in room. I called guest relations to ask what mini bar items are included and if it includes the Pringle’s and other non beverage items. Guest relations insisted that mini bar is not included. I told them to double check and they said they will call me back. I got a call back and again they advised mini bar is not included and asked me to br
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