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  1. Deaf Dude

    Questions about sign language interpreting?

    I am deaf and have used interpreters on cruises many times. once you board, the interpreters (you will get 2 of them) may contact you at your cabin and introduce themselves. if not, you can go to the guest services desk and ask them to call the interpreters for you. once you meet the interpreters, you can plan with them when you will need their services. for the shows the cruise line will reserve the first row or two for you and the interpreter will be there in front of the stage. It may be on either side of the stage, andmay change during some shows depending on how close the dancers need to get or if pyro is used, etc. if your husband knows some interpreters that he is comfortable with, you might be able to request them for your cruise. Carnival lsts me pick my own interpreters every time. Hope this helps
  2. Deaf Dude

    Sail-away t-shirts

    I really like this one !!! we are going on the Conquest to those same ports next month. Would you mind if I "borrowed" this and edited it for our cruise? It would make a really great shirt!!! Paul
  3. Deaf Dude

    Sail-away t-shirts

    We have a winner !!! Yes, it says deaf cruise. we had about 80 deaf people and 10 interpreters in our group. being a cruiser, learning sign language could be a really good thing for you. most cruise lines now provide interpreters for their deaf travelers. the interpreters get paid and also get a free cruise!!! I have friends who are interpreters who go on a dozen or more cruises a year!! We recently sailid on the Navigator of the Seas and the lady who interpreted for me had been on it for 3 weeks straight !!!:eek:
  4. Deaf Dude

    Sail-away t-shirts

    Thanks. I get my shirts done at Shirtmagic com. they have a printer that prints directly on the t-shirt. no iron on.
  5. Deaf Dude

    Sail-away t-shirts

    More . . . . . .
  6. Deaf Dude

    Sail-away t-shirts

    A few more.
  7. Deaf Dude

    Sail-away t-shirts

    I guess I need to learn more. Here is my latest design for a cruise we just finished. And a Few others.
  8. Deaf Dude

    Sail-away t-shirts

    These are great ! May I ask what software you use? I make many of my designs with Corel Paintshop Pro but they are not this good !!!
  9. Deaf Dude

    Carnival emboidery file???

    Could you send me the file in .pes also? deafdude@aol.com. My GF has a small brother embroidery machine. thanks
  10. Deaf Dude

    Question about Docs.

    Thanks for the info!!!
  11. My cruise is in one month, so I went online to view my documents. Something called a "guest ticket booklet" appeared on the screen. Am I supposed to print this out (42 pages) or will they be sending me a copy of that in the mail? If I do print it, do I need all of those pages, pr just the ones that have my info like the luggage tags and the things I paid for? This is our 2nd cruise on RCCL and we didn't have to do anything online 6 years ago. Thanks for any help.
  12. Deaf Dude

    Conquest repositioning - Passport needed??

    Thanks bill. I just looked up the PVSA and that does seem to be what it says. I will still check with the customs website just to be safe.
  13. Deaf Dude

    Conquest repositioning - Passport needed??

    passport card says its only for land. we will have to fly back from PR. Guess I will have to ask the customs website. thatnks for all the imput
  14. Deaf Dude

    Conquest repositioning - Passport needed??

    Thanks for the info. I guess she will not be coming with us.
  15. We are going on the Conquest repositioning cruise next year from New Orleans to San Juan. Passports are not required for flights from San Juan back to New Orleans. But since this is not a true closed loop cruise will passorts still be needed? My Aunt would like to join us but doesn't have a passport (we do). this will most likely be her only cruise due to her age. Will she still need the passport?