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  1. I purchased the $50 card for my kids, 1 each. Honestly, no, it's not worth it. The games are short, they only a few give tokens for the most menial junk, and the games are between $2-$4 a pop. My kids were 10 when they went and even THEY thought it was a rip off. They would have preferred to spend that money at Ben and Jerry's.
  2. Not worth it for the slightly larger balcony.... 1. Yes, you can book all of the other add on's after the initial cruise is booked. 2. . I tracked the change of price by running ghost bookings periodically. I actually had saw a big enough drop that I called them up and had them add on the gratuities (another perk for question 1), and it didn't cost me any more than my initial first booking. 3. I used to work on ships.... 15 years ago. Things have changed. I also have cruised a few times in the last 6 years. I'm heading out in a couple weeks for my first family cruise. I h
  3. So I called.... Interestingly, they see what I see. SOLD OUT. However he did confirm that the only inventory in those categories that would be available are the rooms that are blocked off for the RoyalUp program..... My guess was correct, i suppose.... they block off rooms for this purpose....
  4. Do you think if I called them directly the RCCL booking agent will see all available inventory?
  5. Are you referring to the RCCL.com site? they don't show all available cabins on their own booking site? that would be..... odd, don't you think? lol
  6. Yep! I'm aware. I was trying to run the numbers on the suite straight through Royal Caribbean to see if it was worth doing it directly and not through RoyalUp.
  7. I suspect this question has been asked somewhere in the 150 pages, but the search isn't too helpful. How can the RoyalUp program give the option for upgrades to a Suite if they are "sold out" in the booking page? I put in a bid on suite.... it's still pending.... Thought I would run the numbers to see if it's worth doing on my own to get the extra points, but they are all showing as sold out. How does that work? Do they have some blocked out for the RoyalUp program?
  8. Hey "Royal Caribbean Dude"! I look forward to seeing your new posts here. This thread is a cool idea 😄 My husband and I are old crew members from RCCL, and Mariner was one of my contracts (way back in 2004ish). I worked Guest Relations and my husband was stage staff (different ship, we weren't married then). I always joked, if the passengers knew HALF the stuff that would go on behind the scenes, they'd be shocked. hahaha. You're keeping it clean..... NICE!
  9. Hi everyone. Okay, so years ago (like 15 years ago 😳), RCCL used to offer post cruise excursions that would drop participants off at the airport when the tour was completed. I don't see that as an option anymore, but I'm curious if there are any companies/recommendations of vendors that offer this type of service? We're on a Galveston cruise. Thanks!
  10. Hi! thanks for the welcome! TOM: Time of Month SW: Starting Weight CW: Current Weight GW: Goal Weight
  11. Hi! This is my first post with this group. I have three months to lose as much as I can (i don't have enough time to achieve my final goal, oh well!). Anyway, I've been "losing" for about 6 weeks now. Last week was tricky as I gained due to TOM and lots of summer walking (retained water in sore muscles). But today I've weighed in at my lightest for quite a while! SW: 255 CW: 234.4 GW: 140?
  12. Hey, I'm using the IF/EF method myself. My daily is OMAD, no real restrictions, but I'm finding the loss is less, so I'm trying to transition to better feasting options (low carb). I've been doing different window lengths since the third week in June and have lost 20 lbs so far. I have three months until my cruise.
  13. I used to work in what I affectionately called "the complaint department" on a few ships with one cruise line about 15 years ago. I was a Purser. Man oh man, could I tell you stories! There was a Guest Resolutions log each cruise, which made for very entertaining reading each week. But I have to say, with my experience, I noticed that complainers are rewarded for bad behaviour and ridiculousness by the cruise lines generally based on how much of a scene they make. I'm Canadian, and was unaccustomed to this tactic (and response) when I started working with them. It wasn't something
  14. I've never had to go, personally, but I used to work in Guest Relations, where unclaimed luggage would be brought and stored until the end of the cruise, which would then be surrendered to the port agents if it remained unclaimed (like the lost and found). Sometimes items would "lose" their room tags, but that would be after they had passed security. I recall working night shift, and one piece of luggage remained unclaimed the whole cruise (this was back in 2003). No tags, no identifiers. No owner. No one touched it until the poor guest relations manager had to take it off ship at the end of t
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