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  1. No one notices. Wear whatever you want on your feet
  2. Absolutely. There were a few on our boat that stayed onboard. Maybe we were slightly different season or weather but there were definitely no moms holding infants on our excursion. The stingray interaction is not for everyone either. They are pushy buggers. You completely control your participation so no need to worry. It’s an awesome sight to behold
  3. Stingray city can actually be quite challenging if the water is choppy or if the rays get feisty. I’m only about 5’5” and it was difficult to keep my feet planted firmly at times
  4. Was there any extra charge? Or was that “free airfare”?
  5. We are on 27th as well! Thx for posting!
  6. We fly in from Vancouver to sail out of San Pedro as well. We don’t do princess shuttles. I always book a private shuttle Super Karmel or other. Usually takes less than an hour from getting off the plane to the port
  7. Thanks for the heads up!! We’ve been waiting for the oct 27th sailing too
  8. I’ve done 10+ cruises, from many different ports. In each embarkation port I am required to hand over my non carry on luggage to a person in a vest standing on a curb outside the cruise line check in terminal. There are cruise line employees that say hello and show me the way to the entrance. How the heck am I expected to know who the guy in the vest is employed by? it seems very much at that point I am starting my experience with the cruise line. it is implied that I am going to be taken care of by the cruise line. They have given me no choice as to how to get my luggage onto the ship other than having handed it over, with tip! in my opinion that implies that the cruise line will be taking care of it for me. if I am given another option, or given different information, I may make another choice. but that Is not the case. the OP was just doing what was expected and required of him. In my opinion the cruise line has responsibilities to ensure their systems are in the best interest of their passengers. If the luggage is compromised, they need to make it right.
  9. Are they complimentary- or pay? My husband is looking at menus online. thx
  10. What about Santa Maria Cove? We went to Chileno Bay last trip....
  11. Has anyone done the stone Island excursion with J & S lately. we are heading in a few weeks....
  12. I often bring cut bouquets from Pike Place Market in WA state nto Canada via vehicle crossings
  13. Interestingly - on the Crown last September my husband sat down at a machine and promptly won, won, won and won again until he reached about $1000. He then lost about $100 and decided to call it quits. The entire rest of the cruise that machine was “out of order”. My husband was very sad lol
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