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  1. Lol. It’s truly a personal thing. The best laid plans can go astray if the person next to you keeps their TV blaring all night long or you have a bandit balcony smoker nearby. We personally try to keep close to an elevator or stairs and try to be close to dining or up at Lido. I don’t want to spend my cruise walking down hallways. My favourite rooms we have ended up with are just adjacent to the action so it’s a quick flight of stairs up to the fun
  2. I encourage you not to think that this will be for the long term. It will be in the early days of start up. If you find it cramps your style then wait until things open up more securely in the area you are travelling to. I hear sweeping general statements but situations will be different depending on destination and time of travel.
  3. This of course depends on the port and country
  4. Well... Fair enough. I will agree that I do wish I could run away and hide on a ship to escape our current situation with increasing cases and numbers and to be honest... my 16 year old son positive and isolating in a separate area of the house for the past 4 days and the next 10.
  5. Clearly you haven’t had covid yourself or in your immediate family or you might reconsider the risk of being on a ship right now. We all know how much covid protocol sucks and how much we have sacrificed and how negatively our lives have been impacted but a rough bout with the disease will make your head spin. Stay safe.
  6. I find there is a really different vibe depending on itinerary. ALWAYS the Caribbean is more casual than other itineraries. People at the pools and on deck during the day, more drinking in general. Mexican riviera is similar. Alaska is also more casual but an older crowd. Quiet evenings and early mornings. Mediterranean is more port intensive so quieter at night people are tired. Princess is similar to the older NCL ships - not like the larger newer NCL ships. Those ships and the fact that NCL has the UBP are much more animated and lots more partying
  7. IMO - If there’s something on RCI you like - book with refundable deposit. There is absolutely no guarantee where prices are going. If you find something later on Princess you prefer then you can switch
  8. Favourite “Can’t Miss” things - sunset sail away cocktails on the back wakeview pool deck. Grab a platter of charcuterie from the buffet - morning alarm clock is the tap tap tap of fresh coffee and pasties arriving at your door - a glass of wine on your balcony in the dark silence with just the sound of the water and waves. And the excitement of another lit up ship passing by - an early morning brisk walk along all the outside decks to see everything there is to see. - never miss a sunset arrival at port. So interesting to see the crews spring to life - my boys
  9. The original poster is referring to the cruises out of the UK this summer. the T&C and gratuities being quoted are in reference to cruises from the US
  10. Congratulations- that’s super exciting and fun to have something to look forward to. We are booked on the same cruise - Apr 23 departure
  11. I love the idea of them and had one booked for Sept 2020 Baltic cruise that never happened. Damn it was such a great deal too. Id love to try one especially when travelling near land like Alaska or Med or Fjords.
  12. Here’s the link https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/148-british-isleswestern-europe/
  13. There’s a really great forum for information in the Ports section of these boards with some experts who have current intel. Pop over there and see about transfers, hotels, tours etc
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