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  1. Absolutely anything can be canceled at this point.  It’s not in the airlines best interest to promise a flight that may possibly not actually fly. The pandemic is worldwide and there are no guarantees about anything going anywhere at this time.  I’d hold off booking anything until there was assurance that it would happen. I’m not at surprised that it’s not business as usual with times and dates for booking atm 

  2. On 7/18/2017 at 6:07 PM, lovevacadays said:

    Seems like a lot of different answers. I transferred a booking to a TA a few months ago. She called and got it transferred. I didn't have to do anything but give my TA my booking info.

    This is what I always do.  There is a form I have to sign but my TA gets it for me and sends it off to Princess.  

  3. 10 minutes ago, voljeep said:

    it's been posted here that a new/old promotion is coming soon - Best. Sale. Ever ( version 2 ) that includes Princess Plus perks plus specialty dinner, plus upgraded location - BE price for BB location as an example


    book with the lowest possible refundable deposit and go for it

    I LOVE that deal. I had an amazing cruise booked for this past fall with that and I think that’s what I’m thinking I’d like to get - just a bit sweeter of a deal.

    Ok so I’m reading here that if I do current Princess plus and new promo is launched I could just refare and add B.S.E if it’s offered? 

  4. I am looking at booking a cruise in April 2022.  I want to be able to keep an eye on pricing closer to the date and take advantage of any potential price drops or perk programs that get launched.

    Would it be best to book under Princess savers fare to potentially not lose any perks if different ones are offered later on?

    Would it be possible to “upgrade” to the Princess plus later on?

    I know it’s best guess at this point but I’d love to hear if anyone has experience or suggestions?

  5. I got a big glossy corporate  email yesterday from Princess advising me that my Sept 19 Scandinavia cruise that they cancelled in May but had been showing in my personalizer was being credited.  I only had a $100 deposit and they doubled it as FCC

    Interestingly I put down $100 CDN and received it back as $100 US with a low exchange rate of $130.


    so my $100 CDN became a FCC of $260.

    ( same for my husband) 


    the cruise no no longer shows as booked in my account.  Funny enough it still shows as available to book online though! 




    Dear Tanya,
    Member number: xxxxxxxxxxx 

    The Future Cruise Credit you received is now available to use whenever you feel ready. To access it, just log into your My Princess account. Your Future Cruise Credit can be used on a voyage through May 2022.

    When it comes time to plan a vacation, Princess® will be here to connect you with those you love and the destinations you long to visit.

  6. When they cancelled my Sept 19 Scandinavia cruise they offered us to double our deposit ( 100 each) if we kept it as FCC.  We had not got to final payment and we had not paid more than our deposit.  We went ahead with it bacuse it was a small amount to gamble in the event they go bankrupt.  I would not have gambled with much more.

    i was waiting for an offer from then rather than cancelling.  I would not have paid in full.  I don’t gamble that much 

  7. I think its another indication of their archaic computer systems.  There is no other travel company that I have ever dealt with that still shows available trips ( that AREN’T) 

    cancelled booking still showing as current and take MONTHS for refunds.  NONE. 

    I know the cheerleaders here will make excuses, but truly there are none.

    Its simple to make changes online and show current standings.


    You all would FREAKout if Walmart didn’t cancel an order and give you a refund the day of.... I have no idea why your give CCL a pass..


    My September 19 cruise that was cancelled, BY PRINCESS, still shows me leaving in 66 days.  That’s just ridiculous 

  8. I’m booked on a Baltic Cruise out of Southampton Sept 19 on another line - final payment is In June.  I’ve only put down a refundable deposit so I can cancel easily 


    Even if it does sail - I can’t imagine the atmosphere being carefree and fun.  There will be extra screening at airports and angst about overseas travel.  There will likely be some restrictions on port activities, on-board it might well be very tense in the dining and public areas.  Wearing masks, washing hands, staying distant, worrying about getting sick.  Not a great vacation.....

    and what if I have to quarantine for 14 days when I return?!

  9. On 4/27/2020 at 4:37 PM, MMDown Under said:

    I agree there is so much beauty and history to see in the US and Canada.  We have done many long distance road trips across the US, and coastal trips, and enjoyed them all. 

    Australia is a long distance driver's paradise also.  Lots of people look forward to driving around Australia.  Cruising for me is to exotic destinations I can't reach by car.

    We did an awesome road  trip from Sydney to Port Douglas.  Incredible.  Simply incredible 

  10. I think that’s terrible and very bad customer service.  Fix your website if it’s auto populating upgrades.  It’s very bad form to tease your paying customers with offers that will never materialize.  Embarrassing for them really.  They need to get into their website and take out the cruises that will not be available.  Now.  Or at the very least there should be a banner informing of the likelihood that they will be cancelled.  We put up with a lot from these cruise lines websites.  They have lots of staff they could task with sorting it out.  Retailers would never offer unavailable merchandise on their websites or they would get a terrible reputation...... ahem......

  11. Folks often advise against 4 people in one room. We have done it on every cruise and never have a problem.  My boys are 15 and 17 now.  Usually it’s 2 beds coming down from the ceiling - whether it’s an interiotpr, OV or balcony.  But once on the Crown it was only one bed from the ceiling and the other was a cot they brought in.  They put it in the space in front of the balcony doors.  It was the most awkward configuration we ever had.  But it was still great 

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