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  1. It very much depends on itinerary location. Hot destinations are more casual imo
  2. Lol. Perfect. Now’s my chance 😉
  3. It’s not the cruise industry but the Hyatt Ziva in Cabo San Lucas, MX just posted policy cancelling all reservations until October 14. The first of many I think..... My guess is we will see this across the board
  4. Lol. The Cruise Lines?? People will not even stay in their homes and do the proper social distancing efforts when they KNOW they need to. Ain’t no way you’re taking away their hard earned vacation! There was NO WAY they could have done more, more quickly. Y’all would have sued them....
  5. I sat with my finger on Buy at 8.20 but wanted it to go down 1 more cent! Lol. I got called away from my desk and my window closed. Set a new limit price for buy. Fingers crossed it dips again
  6. Well if I do that can I then refund and use credits on-board ?
  7. Sailing Scandinavia in September... I have received a specialty dining credit from both my TA and with the promo we booked with. I tried to make reservation but it requires that I post payment to confirm booking. Is there a trick to applying the credits so that I can book ahead of time? Thx
  8. Oops LGW - sorry. and we booked through WestJet as I find them very reliable, we have a credit card points card and we get free luggage. Thanks for the tip on timing for ticket purchase. You all have been a huge help! If anyone ever comes to the west coast of Canada and up to Whistler on a bucket list trip I’m happy to help?! Although Scottbee is likely an expert at that as well
  9. I truly appreciate all the help! I’ve gone and booked the direct YVR to GAT flight that gets us in at 10:30am. I’ll book a train after noon. Where would you suggest we grab a bite to eat? We could take on the train right?
  10. Thanks so very much. We are arriving on a Friday - mid morning and are staying at Pig in the Wall as per the great information available here. It’s just the 2 of us so private transfer is too costly an option I think. It usually pays off when we travel as 4
  11. I’ve tried a search here and a google search but most of the info is outdated. So I ask the experts for their option - if the price and flight duration is comparable - is there a clear best option between arrival at one airport vs the other if the intent is to transfer directly to Southampton? Thanks so much for all the amazing information in this forum
  12. We will be on that one too! But I’m hoping for sun
  13. Apple Pay seems to be a mostly American vernacular. Contactless or tap is more universally known.
  14. I would love to hear more about the details of your trip. I think it’s exactly what we want to do
  15. Though I have seen some places say that my Global Entry card is the same as a Passport Card, but I haven't verified that yet ” international travel is not guaranteed with anything except a standard passport” nexus, global entry, REAL ID are all North American products and NOT guaranteed to get to in/out of 95% of the countries in the world
  16. Ummmm.... yes it is. Internationally recognized identification.
  17. I would suggest Princess rather than NCL - given your description
  18. You are probably making up time. The speeds are very restricted on the east side route and are generally reserved for one way voyages. The part you are worried about happens during the dark anyway.... its the part you travel overnight the first night. The scenery will still be amazing until dark and then you will be near the entry of inside passage in the am...
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