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  1. I agree with the above. We have used EZ air several times - both in N America and international. Happy with everything especially the price I locked in. We did get some slight changes ( which happen anytime you book that far ahead) which actually ended up in our favour. Can’t beat it.
  2. It matters not the nationality of the passenger - rather whether the passenger has been in the region or in contact with an infected pereson. Regardless of nationality
  3. My family sailed Bliss and absolutely loved Six. loved it. My husband and 2 teen boys liked it better than any show they’ve seen on any ship. I thought Jersey boys was great but they didn’t love it like they loved Six
  4. I'm pretty confident based on the vast amount of information that NCL asked me to input into THEIR system, they absolutely should flag to me if my passport is invalid for travel purposes according to their policy. - I 100% agree. They could if they wanted to.
  5. We enjoyed the Crown in the Med last year and are booked again for Scandinavia next year.
  6. My Princess cruise could do without: pillow chocolates - but I love the turndown service. Maybe a carafe of water? the sales pitches that keep me away from the spa. I once had a massage and got totally overcharged and lied to. It would be nice to actually just get a treatment and walk out like at a land-based spa the “art” auctions and “art” gallery the walls of already printed photos. Go digital already
  7. September is still summer and great weather in our part of the world....
  8. Do they want to? If so you could certainly make it work somehow. if they are comfortable and want to and it’s something your family wants to do it seems very reasonable
  9. Every cruise is different but we’ve never cruised for sea days. We would never stay on ship in any port. I’d rather not cruise there if I didn’t want to go there. 10 day Med with 7 ports was perfect. Any 7 day should have at least 3 ports preferably 4
  10. I am astounded that the Glory so narrowly missed the end of the pier and that the bow height of Legend was at the perfect height to fit right into the dining area. ao much more damage could have happened if it had been another ship
  11. I’m having a similar problem using EZ air. Whenever I try to check what flights might be it says invalid airport. No matter what airport I put in
  12. Quite honestly it would help to know how many in your party? Recently we stayed in Long Beach - it’s a gorgeous area and we wanted a day to shop and explore. There were 4 of us. We took Uber from LAX to Long Beach and then an Uber to the port at San Pedro. When we returned we were a group of 8 so we rented a private van from Karmel Shuttles. San Pedro to LAX
  13. Download the free app and then pay to use it? No thanks. It was BS and very difficult to navigate the “free” part
  14. I would choose “indifferent”. I was on the ship for a week and didn’t go there except to see it. One of the reasons I cruise is to experience the difference of being on a ship and experience what they have to offer. Starbucks is for a regular day. Not a ship day when I have all kinds of other options (prepaid )
  15. Thoughts on the Bliss... We love the aesthetic of Norwegian. Amazing modern decor and spaces. The Observation Lounge is incredible. The Waterfront is spectacular. Simply lovely. It's what I loved the most from our first Norwegian Getaway cruise and made me want to cruise with them again - again I was blown away at how nice it is to lounge out there Many specialty dining options to choose from so the dining perk is a plus- but main dining is a little uninspired. Buffet is really big, clean space but repetitive. The Local was good for wings and their chicken salad sandwch was
  16. No one notices. Wear whatever you want on your feet
  17. Absolutely. There were a few on our boat that stayed onboard. Maybe we were slightly different season or weather but there were definitely no moms holding infants on our excursion. The stingray interaction is not for everyone either. They are pushy buggers. You completely control your participation so no need to worry. It’s an awesome sight to behold
  18. Stingray city can actually be quite challenging if the water is choppy or if the rays get feisty. I’m only about 5’5” and it was difficult to keep my feet planted firmly at times
  19. Was there any extra charge? Or was that “free airfare”?
  20. We fly in from Vancouver to sail out of San Pedro as well. We don’t do princess shuttles. I always book a private shuttle Super Karmel or other. Usually takes less than an hour from getting off the plane to the port
  21. Thanks for the heads up!! We’ve been waiting for the oct 27th sailing too
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