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  1. I’ve done 10+ cruises, from many different ports. In each embarkation port I am required to hand over my non carry on luggage to a person in a vest standing on a curb outside the cruise line check in terminal. There are cruise line employees that say hello and show me the way to the entrance. How the heck am I expected to know who the guy in the vest is employed by? it seems very much at that point I am starting my experience with the cruise line. it is implied that I am going to be taken care of by the cruise line. They have given me no choice as to how to get my luggage o
  2. Are they complimentary- or pay? My husband is looking at menus online. thx
  3. What about Santa Maria Cove? We went to Chileno Bay last trip....
  4. Has anyone done the stone Island excursion with J & S lately. we are heading in a few weeks....
  5. I often bring cut bouquets from Pike Place Market in WA state nto Canada via vehicle crossings
  6. Interestingly - on the Crown last September my husband sat down at a machine and promptly won, won, won and won again until he reached about $1000. He then lost about $100 and decided to call it quits. The entire rest of the cruise that machine was “out of order”. My husband was very sad lol
  7. I just mine from the bank or currency exchange at home. I just returned from Greece and Paris and was happy to have the local currency
  8. I just did. My TA called on my behalf and got a reduction. I was credited 25% of the drop in OBC - about $180 as it was a SIGNIFICANT drop. Every cruise line is different. Some frequently drop, some don’t. It never hurts to ask.
  9. Since when is 2 hours without food or water a serious challenge?
  10. We got an ocean view once as an upgrade and ever since then I’ve had a love affair with them. All the benefits of a balcony (almost) and the price is great. keep the perks for a 19 day and go for the ocean view
  11. Thanks so much everyone. I have previously done a lot of reasearch on both ships - Bliss because we are travelling on her in Oct and I LOVE the idea of what NCL has created. And watched the Joy because I was fascinated about how they built her for a specific market and then backtracked so quickly to revamp her. I just needed a good side by side comparison. I have found what I consider an incredible value for 5pax (we will bring my mom along I hope) in a 2br concierge suite on the Joy. I think there may be sufficient differences to warrant sailing on such a similar ship again so soon i
  12. Sort of depends on your vacation doesn’t it? I took my own towel to my hotels in Greece because we were exploring all day and going to a variety of beaches with loungers and I wanted to carry a larger easy dry towel to cover up . In Barcelona the gorgeous old hotel didn’t have a pool so I certainly wasn’t about to take their lovely bath towels to the beach....
  13. Thanks for all this information. I found it using the search feature AFTER I posted a query regarding Bliss Vs Joy. Ooops! I’m sure someone will redirect me here again - most likely you! Lot to think about thanks again for your comprehensive report
  14. Have we had anyone do a comparison yet? similarities? differences? doing Bliss in October and considering Joy for spring but would love to know how they differ...
  15. We usually do 4 in a room now with our teen boys. The past few cruises we have used a balcony to our advantage for the extra space. When my hubby and I did Europe cruise on our own - we chose inside to save about 50%. A price drop moved us to ocean view which was more than enough. When the boys were young we loved a cozy inside room. I honestly don’t spend a lot of time on our balcony - but it’s fun to be able to see outside if doesn’t break the bank
  16. I bring a thin towel/ beach blanket like this Super handy to lay put on the beach or on loungers. Sand doesn’t stick and it dries super quick.
  17. On Freedom of the Seas I was browsing at the sales tables in the promenade and someone ran over me with their scooter. She literally ran right between me and the table I was startled and hurt and yelled ow and started to cry and the lovely Lady just reached over to grab the $10 deal and ignored me.
  18. I agree. Cancel and get the $50 deposit
  19. I bet it’s because guest services is tired of dealing with guests who line up to complain that something has happened to the crap they left on their door and expect the overworked staff to deal with it
  20. I bet it’s because guest services is tired of dealing with guests who line up to complain that something has happened to the “decor” they left on their door and expect the overworked staff to deal with it
  21. Fantastic review! So glad you had a wonderful time
  22. Definitely store your luggage at the Pan Pacific and then google various tours as well as checking out the port forum here on CC for Vancouver. Lots of fantastic restaurants and walkable areas right within the downtown area. What time of year is it?
  23. My boys love the Nojitos. Virgin mojitos. So yummy!
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