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  1. I booked my cruise with a Travel Agent & received the letter from Celebrity last night. I completed/submitted the form this morning for a Full Payment. Hope that helps! Stay safe !!!
  2. Laura - I saved this info when I saw if from other postings. This refers to The Summit - a M Class Ship. Hope it helps. Here's the list for oversize balconies. 2C bolded balconies are the Sweet 16. S1-6131,6132,6145,6146 A2 - 9038 and 9043 C1-9201,9164,9162,9160,,8185,8176,8172,8170,7203,7212 , 7208,7206,6135,6136,6143,6144 C2-9043,9038,8045,8046 2A-7049,7080,7163,7166,7171,7173,7175,7177,7174,7176, 7178,7180 2B-8161,8146,9173,9138 2C-6016,6018,6020,6021,6022,6023,6024,6025,6026,6027,6028,6029,6030,6031,6033,6035, 6053,6048 Sweet 16 Balconies: 6016 - 6030 even numbers 6021 - 6035 odd numbers
  3. Does anyone know the cost of the port transfer from Cape Liberty in Bayonne, NJ to Newark Airport? I am not talking about the cruise line transfer but the van/bus transfer you line up for somewhere outside exiting the building & they fill the vehicles on a first come first serve basis and transport you to the airport. Thanks.
  4. Leaving from EWR to fly to San Juan & cruising back to Cape Liberty. Any ideas of where to park in Newark or by the port or a hotel? What makes the best sense? Thanks !
  5. You can order any kind of coffee with skim milk (they call it a skinny). Also when I was on the Summit in in April, they had sugar free vanilla syrup. ENJOY !!!
  6. Thanks for all the feedback. Will definitely pass on a cabin in that location.
  7. Are there any pros & cons? Is the location quiet? Are the verandas open to full view of the sun without any overhang? Thanks.
  8. Looking for reviews of ‘the good and the bad’ of the Concierge Cabins on Deck 10 on the Celebrity Summit? For a C3 Cabin, which deck and cabin do you recommend? Anything insight you can share is greatly appreciated.
  9. We loved Bistro on 5. BRING IT BACK !!!!!
  10. Has anyone heard about free ferry service in the late afternoon on Wednesdays from Royal Dockyard to Hamilton for Harbour Nights?. If you did, is it a certain ferry and what time does it depart Dockyard? What about the return ferry -- what time in the evening does it leave Hamilton for the Royal Dockyard? Anything you can share is greatly appreciated !!!
  11. I believe there is a private charter - clothing optional cruise on the Summit repositioning cruise in April from San Juan to Cape Liberty, Bayonne, NJ
  12. Thanks for your opinion and letting me bounce it off someone. I forgot about the port holes in the floor and a possible privacy issue. I changed my cabin to 8134.
  13. Need help in C3 cabin selection on Summit. Choices are 8134 and 9175 (higher deck, under buffet, but not sure if it will be noisy or not) Any/all feedback is greatly appreciated, Thanks!
  14. Looking for cabin review / recommendation on Summit - C3 - #9175 (port) and #9140 (starboard). Your opinion will be greatly appreciated. Cannot access spreadsheet as it is locked. Thanks !
  15. Thinking of renting a Pool Cabana or Beach Cabana at RPBC. Any thoughts from folks that have been there? Is it a nice place to spend a few hours/the day while in Grand Cayman? Thanks !
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