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  1. jbtimetotravel

    Vote: Which is your favorite river cruise line?

    We were told it was not Norovirus. As to what other measures they could have employed to try to quell the outbreak, That is not my field. I am sure most companies must have policies in place. I think there could have been more diligence in disinfecting railings, doorknobs and other public areas. They did close the public restrooms after a day or so. I also think passengers who were recovering from the illness should have been asked to take their meals in their cabin and avoid the dinning room for a few days
  2. jbtimetotravel

    Vote: Which is your favorite river cruise line?

    I have just returned from two river cruises. One with Tauck and then another with Uniworld. Both lines did well with land excursions. There was an illness going around on the Tauck ship and I don't feel (as did many other passengers) that they treated the situation seriously enough. My husband was sick on board--three days before cruise was over. I got sick the day after we left the ship. We met a friend from the ship in Amsterdam whose husband was back at their hotel recovering from same illness. He got sick the day after leaving ship. I understand these things sometimes happen on ships. but some preventative measures should have been taken. For example-- People should not have been handling serving utensils in the dinning rom. That should have been done by gloved dinning room staff.
  3. jbtimetotravel

    Keukenhof Gardens -- Amsterdam

    We got to Keukenhof twice. April 15 and April 20, 2013. Although the fields were not in bloom( a little on the 20th) on the 15th they had big pallets of fabulous tulips of many varieties along the walkways. and inside the exhibit halls so many different types of tulips. We got some very beautiful photos. Someone told us this was the coldest spring in 50 years so the tulips were blooming later than normal. We truly enjoyed the gardens both times. we did bus 197 to airport and then got Keukenhof bus. at airport you buy a combo ticket for bus ride and admission to gardens. well run.
  4. jbtimetotravel

    Keukenhof Gardens -- Amsterdam

    To Hitner-- Thank you for you information. Do you take train and bus to get to Gardens?? How long does it take? Judy
  5. jbtimetotravel

    AMA vs Uniworld Tulip Itinerary

    Second Seating-- Thanks for suggestions about clothing and rain gear. i heard that there would be a fair amt. of rain, but then looked up weather and it looked like 2% precipitation. I don't want to take too much clothing, but want to be prepared.
  6. jbtimetotravel

    Keukenhof Gardens -- Amsterdam

    Thank you for the great information. Do you think you will be making any posts during your travels? Do you suggest getting tickets online for Anne Frank House and Museums? Judy
  7. After our Tauck cruise from Brussels to Amsterdam in April 2013, we will be in Amsterdam for five days. We want to visit the Keukenhof Gardens several times. We have booked a hotel (Frita) in Amsterdam , but wonder if we should try to get a place nearer the Keukenhof. We are also wondering about transportation to Keukenhof from Amsterdam. Anyone have any experience along these lines?
  8. jbtimetotravel

    AMA vs Uniworld Tulip Itinerary

    Hi Fran, Thank you once again for your input. Your information is very much appreciated. You are so right about the cruise director. When we docked in St Petersburg, I had developed an awful cough(like many others on the boat). We asked cruise director for directions to a local pharmacy.She not only supplied directions, but wrote out in Russian the problem and what we needed. I was very thankful for that. Hope you have a wonderful time on your Viking cruise. Judy
  9. jbtimetotravel

    AMA vs Uniworld Tulip Itinerary

    Hi Fran, It seems you have traveled with the companies mentioned above. Do you have any thoughts to share on the above post about the various cruise lines? Thanks Judy Printing out info on Delta Works now.
  10. jbtimetotravel

    AMA vs Uniworld Tulip Itinerary

    Thanks for sharing, Fran. I would love to hear your thoughts on the differences between Viking and Uniworld. I have not heard of Scenic. We have done only two previous river cruises. We traveled from Budapest to Prague on a Tauck boat. It was really called "Perillo 50th Anniversary Tour", but Perillo bought out the Tauck boat for the one week cruise and the staff and tour directors were Tauck. It was a very excellent cruise. We stayed in Budapest a week before cruise and in Prague for four days after. Our next river cruise was Uniworld to Russia last year and it was also wonderful. The rooms a little smaller than the Tauck boat and the food seemed a little nicer on Tauck boat. I don't know if the was because it was a special tour for Perillo or just the norm for Tauck. Everything is probably a little bit more difficult in Russia as far as getting supplies. I get a lot of promotions from Viking and AMA, but I don't know much about them. I am under the impression that Uniworld is a nicer line than the others. I think I got that impression from our TA, but I have nothing to base it on.
  11. jbtimetotravel

    AMA vs Uniworld Tulip Itinerary

    Hi Fran, I remember your posts from Russian river cruise last year. We went on Uniworld in June on the Volga. We loved our time in Russia. We are doing two cruises this year, back to back. Fly to Brussels and take Tauck river cruise to Amsterdam. We have 5 days on our own in Amsterdam and then Uniworld river cruise to Basel. Castles along the Rhine. We are really interested in the tulips. We are going to be in Amsterdam mid April. I have booked hotel in the city, but I think the tulip fields and Keukenhof are outside the city. We will like to visit the park more that once. How far from the city is Keukenhof? And do you know anything about transportation to get there? We are staying two days in Ghent and three in Bruges. We are flying in to Brussels early AM and will take train from Airport to Ghent. Do you do any train travel on your own while there? I don't know anything about the Deltas works. Any information you might share on this trip will be appreciated. Judy
  12. jbtimetotravel

    Uniworld Russia River Cruising

    To Florida 122 We did Moscow to Saint Petersburg in June 2012. The trip was wonderful. We arrived three days early in Moscow and stayed three extra days in Saint Petersburg. We felt that we saw everything we wanted to see. We visited the Hermitage three times which was really great. I have name of a great hotel in Moscow if you are interested.
  13. jbtimetotravel

    Best Time for Russian River Cruise

    pjtraveler Thanks for posting pictures of Russian trip. They are wonderful! Did you have rain for much of your trip? We are getting on River Victoria in early June. Don't really know what to expect for weather.
  14. jbtimetotravel

    River Victoria by Uniworld

    Sorry if this is a double post. I know I wrote a post earlier but may have failed to submit. My question is about the weather in mid to late June. We get on River Victoria June 8 Moscow to St Petersburg and end on June 23. I am not sure how heavy to pack for this time of year. I live in South Fl and have trouble trying to determine what to take to cooler climates.