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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences! What was the name of the waffle cart that your guide recommended? I’m looking forward to trying an authentic Belgian waffle (DH is looking forward to the beer!). 😋 Also, was there a long wait to see the Madonna and Child? Hope you had a nice dinner at the Chef’s table.
  2. I imagine I will be doing a lot of layering (and laundry!). I really like the idea of pretty scarves. My luggage is normally on the heavy side even when traveling in warm weather, wearing lighter clothing. Thank you so much for the information and advice! 😊
  3. Hi Twitchly, I had read there were a couple of shuttle companies close by. Do you remember the name of the company you used, and do they take credit cards? My husband and I were thinking of doing that instead of the ship’s excursion. Did you go around this time of year? We’re going in early October and wondering what kind of clothes to pack. We’ve only been on cruises in warm weather! Thanks in advance for your help!
  4. I’m so glad you mentioned your shore excursions are already posted. It prompted me to see if ours were posted yet, and they are. 😊 We leave for our cruise in October.
  5. We did the pre-cruise extension last October in NYC. We stayed at the Westin Times Square. I seriously doubt it’s a $900 a night hotel. It was nice but not that nice. It was probably your average Westin. I compared prices for doing it on our own before we booked. At the time the cost was pretty close between booking through Viking or doing our own thing. We opted for the convenience. DH wanted to stay in the Times Square area anyway. We didn’t have a great view but we did have a great time! I’m sure your friends will too 😊
  6. Do they have smaller ones? I’m quite vertically challenged.
  7. We booked a Guarantee last year on our NY, Bermuda, and the West Indies cruise. I think we got our cabin assignment about three weeks before - around the same time we got our final documents. We’re on the Oct. 18th cruise with you, also in a Guarantee. We received our final docs today but still no cabin assignment. I figure anywhere on a Viking ship is a great place to be! :D
  8. We were on the Sky last year in the Caribbean. I, too, am always cold in the air conditioning. The public areas on the Sky were no exception. I took my sweater everywhere, and was happy they had throws in the theater. :hot-beverage:
  9. Hopefully you can see the shower floor in this photo - I had to shrink it ALOT! As I recall, it didn’t have much texture but wasn’t slippery. This was on the Sea last year. Happy Cruising!:cool:
  10. Thanks, SBtS. Definitely don’t want to miss the ship! 3rd time to Bermuda and still haven’t made it to Horseshoe Bay. Guess we’ll have to go again. :D
  11. Hi - We’ll only be in Bermuda from 12:00 - 5:30 on a Saturday in October. Does anybody know the likelihood of being able to take the bus from Hamilton to and from Horseshoe Bay and actually have time to enjoy it? Thanks! :cool:
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