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  1. I wonder when that became a thing because our last cruise was in 2013 and that cruise and the 3 we went on before that we always took our steamer with no issues. Weird.
  2. We were on our last cruise September 2013 and we are going again September 2019 when we went in 2013 we took our steamer to use for our wrinkled clothes. I know irons are obviously not allowed but I am wondering if steamers are still allowed? 🤞
  3. Silly question: What is a PVP? We booked our cruise online in December without anyone helping us, however up until then I had someone always calling me and leaving messages about helping to book.
  4. My husband and I are planning on purchasing travel insurance and I am just wondering how Carnivals Insurance compares? On the Carnival website it states it will be $65/pp and from what I have read on their site it sounds okay but I just want to get some opinions from people that have purchased it. ---Also: I did try searching this before posting but when I search it brings up all kinds of different posts from other cruiselines and it was just more of hassle then just creating the post and asking. Thanks in advance
  5. I really hope this is the case as my husband booked the whole room on his card.
  6. Nope they sure do not. It makes me laugh a little bc I mean they are STILL getting their money one way or the other bc my husband is still going, we are just switching out the second guest. Meh, oh well.
  7. Yea, I did try the change the name online "trick" and while I can change a first OR last name I cannot change the whole name or the birth date/sex either. My husband is going to call back and we will just eat the cost and hopefully get the "credit" for a future cruise to use for us since it was his card he used to book the whole room. We are already planning on another cruise 3/20 so that isn't a big deal. I do appreciate all the help and in the future we will most def. be reading the fine print, ya live and ya learn.
  8. My husband paid the whole deposit on his credit card, for carnival to take that deposit for said persons future cruise would be wrong considering they didn't pay anything. & in his defense I didn't know that either, I'm sure we aren't the first people to not read fine print.
  9. My husband booked a stateroom with his cousin for a cruise and now the cousin cannot go so I am going to go in his place....that being said when he called carnival they told him that in order to change the second guest in the room it would take away that deposit and put it towards a future cruise and also we would have to pay another $50 on top of that. Somehow that doesn't make much sense to me; my husband booked the room and is still going on the cruise. The only thing changing is the second guest. Our cruise is not till September so we have not made final payment yet either. Is the information we were given correct? It just sounds off to me.
  10. I am but our roll call on here has literally 3 people including myself, I am hoping it is not chartered bc from the sounds of it that would kind of stink......
  11. I am going to sound even dumber for this but.....what would that mean? I never had this issue before lol, I always book early saver so I can always check pricing....
  12. This might be a silly question but oh well. About once a week I go on the Carnival Website and do a "fake" booking of the cruise we have booked to check on pricing and see if it went down at all. Today I went on and the date we have booked does not show up as a date I can choose, is that because it is sold out or is there another reason? The cruise isn't until September 14th so I really can't believe it would be sold out already. Thanks for any help bc this has me confused......
  13. I actually went through this exact thing, the lady got it changed for me on my VIFP but she didn't change it on my booking. I found out that I was able to go in and change it on my booking on my own. I just went and edited the same, the only time it wouldn't allow it is if I was totally changing the name (first and last).
  14. For us it isn't even that we are big drinkers (though we def drink A LOT more on cruises then we normally do) but the fact that coffee drinks, milkshakes, and soda are included really sold us on it
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