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  1. I bought this one for my cruise and the airport. It can be used as a rollator and a transport chair. https://www.amazon.com/Drive-Medical-Function-Transport-Wheelchair/dp/B001FWY1JI/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=Drive+rollator+transport&qid=1580942098&sr=8-2
  2. No. I just booked for January 2021 and July 2021, chose Oceanview for both and got free upgrade to balcony on both.
  3. On 2 of my last 3 princess bookings online, I have tried to book ocean view accessible cabins. Since all ocean view were sold out, so they upgraded me to a balcony accessible for the same price. My friends are paying the same price for a much smaller ocean view that I am for an accessible balcony. It can work both ways. Even if I didn’t need accessible, I wouldn’t ever book a guaranteed cabin. I wouldn’t risk ending up in a cabin under the pool deck or something. I like to choose.
  4. Thanks you for the info. Mary Ann. Let me know how it goes in August.
  5. Have you considered using trekking poles (walking sticks) for the bus? I am able to use these almost as well as a walker and they fold up to nothing.
  6. I totally understand. I too am planning my first cruise since my autoimmune disease has worsened and caused mobility issues. I have been on a cane for 2 years and even with that, I struggle to go any distance at all. The cane itself also causes a lot of pain to use as I have hand and wrist issues. I am planning to take a transfer folding wheelchair for the airport and also for the tender port and renting a scooter for the rest of the cruise. I have reserved an accessible cabin because of the scooter and the fact that I need all the grab bars in the bath room as well as the seat in the sho
  7. Makes sense. I will be cruising on Pride of America out of Honolulu.
  8. Thank you both. Guess I will have to wait and see.
  9. If I get someone to push my wheelchair onto the ship, will I be going in the same entrance or some other entrance? I really enjoy boarding the first time into the main lobby, it is exciting to start your cruise that way. Not sure I would enjoy coming in at the entrance they usually use at port as much so hoping they take you up an elevator and you are able to enter the ship the same way as everyone else.
  10. Thanks Slugsta. I don’t see the thread. Did I miss the link?
  11. I could get up a couple steps with some help from family. I am going to check out excursions and try to get some with limited walking. Maybe leave on ship or just take off folding manual chair. If not a lot of walking, maybe I can just use the cane. As long as there isn’t a long walk to pick up the excursion vehicle. I know we have 1 tender also. Thanks for all your help. I found a scooter/power chair store about an hour from here. I am going to go check it out.
  12. Thank you slugsta. I will try to find a rental agency in the area and see if I can try some. This is quite the adjustment. I do feel like I am stepping backwards. I appreciate your saying that. I keep trying to say to myself that I can do without it and the disabled cabin. I was surprised when my friends suggested I needed to get a handicapped cabin. I know I’m fooling myself. I went to the mall the other day with my cane and was in so much pain just walking for 20 minutes. I do want independence on the cruise. Have you had any problem finding excursions tha
  13. I have a cruise booked to Hawaii. This will be my first cruise needing assistive devises. I can walk a short distance on good days with a cane. I can’t walk long distances. My condition is progressive and will only be worse mobility wise by the time I cruise. I have booked an accessible cabin as I not only need a wheelchair or walker, but also grab bars in bathroom. I have a Rollator and a transfer folding wheelchair, but am planning to rent an electric chair or scooter for the cruise. Which would you recommend and why?
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