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  1. Wondering what muster drills will look like post COVID-19. Does anyone think they might have guests do them from the TV's in their cabins? This way always made sense to me, rather than clogging up traffic around 3 decks of the ship. All the ships would have to do is create a separate video for each muster station and play the appropriate content in the guest room. Muster drills have always seemed to be an antiquated practice to me. I think there are ways to use modern technology to relay the safety message and make it more convenient for passengers at the same time. Thoughts?
  2. Just booked a 4 night Bahamas cruise on the Encore in January. To my surprise I was able to use 2 of my $250 cruise next certs to book a Haven 2 Bedroom Suite. Previously, to use cruise next sailings had to be 7 nights or more. Is this a new policy or limited time exception due to COVID-19? Thanks
  3. I wonder with the cruise industry seemingly not getting back to "normal" for an undetermined amount of time after sailings begin will VV need to rethink their adults only policy? I know this goes against everything that they've marketed to this point, but in order to get cabins filled they may need to pivot. Thoughts?
  4. After 9/11 everyone was up in arms about questions like "How will we ever be able to fly again?" Guess what? We figured out a way to do it safely and securely. Same thing will happen with cruising.
  5. I'd probably go to Celebrity/Royal. Seem to have the best options given what my family's interests are.
  6. #1. We don't know what assets were used as collateral in this deal. #2. Private equity firms, banks, etc. do not want to keep NCL's ships. They want to get paid back what they lend with the interest and within the terms agreed upon. There is NO way that any of these creditors just gave NCL 2 billion dollars with the end goal that they'll get paid back in depreciating assets used as collateral.
  7. Every business is in great danger right now. No one is immune to the financial repercussions of this pandemic. The fact that they got a 2 billion plus influx of cash in less than 24 hours tells me that some really smart people, with a lot of money see a bright future for NCL and the cruise industry as a whole. I said this from the beginning and I will say it again today. The American appetite for cruising is too great for the major cruise lines to just vanish. They will get through this like we all will, just have to make some tough business decisions in order to do so.
  8. I stopped using my PCC years ago, couldn't stand the 2-3x weekly calls to book a new cruise. I do everything on the website now.
  9. Interesting article on MSN this morning https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/cruise-lines-were-shut-out-of-the-coronavirus-stimulus-heres-why/ar-BB12juok?ocid=spartanntp There are going to be major changes a coming for cruise lines not only on the safety side, but on the environmental side as well. They're going to have to commit to something in order to get $$ from the US govt. If not, they'll all fail.
  10. Escape was my favorite up until Bliss came online. Hoping that Encore will be my next favorite when NCL gets sailing again!
  11. I cancelled my February 2021 cruise and got the $1500 deposit refunded to my card in exactly 10 business days. Start to finish was 3 calendar weeks.
  12. Every cruise line will be out of business if this is the case.
  13. I cancelled my February 2021 cruise on 5/20. Still waiting on $1500 back to my card for the booking.
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