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  1. I was referring to itineraries that depart from US ports.
  2. I work on the technology side of the hospitality business primarily with hotel customers. I have a large customer base located in EMEA, and most hotels are currently closed. Some of these are voluntary and others are due to local laws. I'd highly doubt they're going to let Americans into any European country once this is over without strict screenings and/or mandatory quarantines.
  3. Most of Europe has more strict lockdown requirements than the US right now. I think there's a better chance for US citizens to sail out of US ports in September if anything. I'm thinking end of fall/before holiday season to get back at sea for most lines.
  4. Also, NCL has been sending brochures and advertising on TV throughout the pandemic here in South Florida.
  5. Doubtful that anyone will be sailing in June. Hearing from a number of friends in the business that Fall would be the earliest. One who works for Virgin said he thinks that the CDC is not going to allow cruises until Jan 1, 2022.
  6. At this point I'd do any cruise in any location for 3-4 days.
  7. If anyone sails in November you'll be able to get last minute deals for sure. Demand isn't going to spike as soon as ships get back to sea. Especially with lots of folks having less disposable income at the moment due to COVID.
  8. I'm just hopeful to be able to sail during my vacation at the end of January.
  9. I rarely leave the ship anyway, so I'm good with this. I wonder if it will also apply to the privately owned ports of call (Harvest Caye, Coco Caye, etc.)
  10. I work for a very large company (which I can't mention) that provides technology solutions to the Hospitality industry including Cruise Lines. I was on a call as recently as last week that indicates that the majors indeed intend to cruise in November barring any further restrictions from the CDC. We are currently finishing up large projects for RCCL and Disney to upgrade their shipboard technology in advance of this. This of course can all change, but I feel pretty confidently that we're getting close.
  11. I think cruising will reopen similarly to how the theme parks down here in Florida have opened. Ships will be limited service, some venues will be closed, and I think the target market initially will be locals in close driving distance to the port (Miami, Orlando, NOLA, etc.).
  12. I was in a Courtyard Penthouse with my Wife and Son the inaugural season. Room was great, however we will opt for the 2 bedroom on our next cruise on Encore (hopefully) in January.
  13. Not an apples to apples comparison, but I was in Disney World on Labor Day weekend with my wife and son. Many chastised them for opening too soon, however they did an exceptional job of protecting guests. Everyone was adhering to mask regulations, social distancing guidelines were everywhere and for the most part did not infringe on the experience at all. We are annual passholders and it was without question the best Disney visit we've ever had. Personally I would welcome this type of atmosphere on a cruise ship, and if NCL is up and running come my vacation time at the end of January I will definitely be at sea.
  14. Like anything you do in life, there is an assumption of risk. This is no different with cruising even in the best of circumstances. At this point, the people who want to cruise should be allowed to. If those folks will adhere to the policies on board (masks, distancing, etc.) they should be permitted to. Personally, I was in Disney last weekend and did not see one person not obeying the safety rules in place. I assume the same would be true if cruising resumed.
  15. As if I needed anything to make me more skeptical, this came out a few hours ago. https://www.newsweek.com/florida-stops-using-quest-diagnostics-after-lab-sends-back-unusable-covid-results-1528982
  16. Can't speak for Texas, but things in Florida aren't nearly as bad as the media makes it out to be. I'm in Broward County, one of the "hot spots" and we're all dealing with it here wearing masks and following guidelines like the rest of the country. The media will go crazy today because there was an increase of over 7,500 in today's numbers as a result of a testing "dump" by Quest Diagnostics. I still have yet to meet 1 person down here that has been diagnosed with COVID.
  17. You learn something new everyday! Thanks for this!
  18. In an article posted in the Miami Herald today, RCCL is considering COVID-19 Testing prior to being permitted to board a cruise ship. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/business/tourism-cruises/article244849552.html Personally, if rapid tests were available to allow guests to cruise safely I would be totally willing to pay a surcharge to be able to take my favorite kind of vacation. Wondering what everyone's thoughts are on this?
  19. Impossible to say. I've been in the hospitality business for over 20 years and have seen land based hotels break even at 30% occupancy, and some others need 70-80% to break even. So many factors both static and non-static that affect this number.
  20. Same here. Got my refund within 5 business days. Cancelled 2 weeks ago.
  21. I called on Monday to cancel a booking that I had for February. I specifically asked the agent what would be happening with Cruise Next certificates. She stated that the expiration date would be extended commensurate with the length of the cruise shutdown. I would call the Cruise Next desk directly to discuss. Your call may have come from a PCC that was trying to use an angle to get you to book ASAP.
  22. Absolutely. I had a 4 nighter on the Encore out of Miami for Jan 28th booked which I just cancelled. The way things are here in Florida now, I can't see any ships going out of Miami until Spring at the earliest.
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