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  1. A woman shots amazing photo of shark near Celebrity Solstice at http://crew-center.com/amazing-photo-shark-jumps-out-water-near-cruise-ship
  2. Here is a list of Celebrity cruises wine and dinner menus in pdf file. Hope this helps http://crew-center.com/cruise-ship-menus
  3. Croatian and Italian Coast Guards ended the search for the missing crewmember here is the link http://crew-center.com/coast-guard-ends-search-serenade-seas-crewmember
  4. Maybe it’s a scam maybe not. Hover I found this article that Municipality of Athens is giving free cruises to 1 000 Unemployed Athenians. http://crew-center.com/free-cruise-1-000-unemployed-athenians
  5. Currently there are four female captains on cruise ships. Two are captains for Royal Caribbean one on P&O and Cunard. Following in Stahre-Jansen and Royal Caribbean's footsteps were the P&O Cruises with the promotion of Captain Sarah Breton, and Cunard's Captain Inger Olsen. Read more at http://crew-center.com/female-cruise-ship-captains
  6. Internet prices on cruise ships are high, but this might change next year. Today global satellite service provider O3b launched the first of its kind broadband solution O3bMaritime. This solution will provide cruise ship crew and guests with 100 times average Internet access rates at sea. Through fast and affordable broadband internet cruise operators will be capable to significantly enhance surfing experience to all who board their ships. O3bMaritime service will bring unmatched experience compared with price and speed as well as stability offering aggregate of 500 Mbps bandwidth to every cruise ship or yacht. Source http://crew-center.com/next-year-cheaper-internet-cruise-ships
  7. In May 2007, many Celebrity crew members joined forces and arrived in Bahamas for the preparation of the Celebrity's Journey to join the fleet after the necessary dry dock. The ship was taken over from Pullmantur cruises which is also a part of the Royal Caribbean brand. We found a lot of familiar faces from previous ships on which we were working. The ship was crowded with contractor workers. We worked very hard same as any other dry dock in the past. When we finished with the dry dock, the ship was heading for Bayone New Jersey. The ship's interior was 80% finished and there where still contractors working hard to put the finishing touches and complete the final 20% in order for the ship to be launched once more. The pool deck needed a lot of work and the first cruise pool was not even opened. We were not aware that this very ship that we were working on would be used in order for Celebrity Cruise to create a brand new company that would cruise the high in locations around the world. When crew members found out about the creation of the new cruise company, most of them didn’t accept the idea of a new company, a new system of work, as well as a brand new system of payment. The new company – Azamara – and its first cruise ship – Journey – established new rules and it was nothing like any Celebrity ship in terms of work. Most of the old timers decided to leave Azamara and go back to Celebrity. We also had a lot of trainings in order to get familiar with the new Azamara procedures and company rules. Plenty of people from the office came, such as Ramon Santos, and new menus were implemented by the Blue Team from Las Vegas. Celebrity divided to say goodbye to Miche Roux and his menu. It was hard at the beginning, but then it turned out for the better. Everything came to its place after the changing of the working system, as well as organization. At first, the team from Azamara was led by the Hotel Director, Mr. Niazi, the captain was from Greece who was frequently referred as Captain Buy for Now by the majority of the crew, Mr. Dominique Gamba was in charge of the Specialty restaurants Aqualina and Prime C. The first couple of months were nice and relaxing because the Azamara Journey had 7 days itinerary from Bayone to Bermuda with an overnight in Hamilton and St George. With this itinerary the crew members, as well as the guests, had lots of time to spend outside the cruise ship and visit the local bars or some of the famous Beaches such as Pink Sand Beach or Horse Shoe Bay. We strongly recommend the Horse Shoe Bay beach as the sand is nice and the water is clean. Our favorite place in Hamilton was Cairo Bar&Night Club. The food in the local Cairo is great, the drinks are cold and refreshing, and the parties are awesome. When the ship was docked in Hamilton, Cairo was crowded from crew members and guests who were partying all night. Some of the crew members got fired because of returning to the ship drunk, or going to guests cabins when off duty. During the days when we were off duty, we were relaxing in the Lemon Tree Cafe where we had a quick bite and surfed the Net in order to check on our friends and family back home. Every cruise was full and the guests where exceptional; mots of them from New Jersey and New York. The cruise ship sailed around the Bahamas for three months and then ship shipped off to South America. By this time, most of the previous Celebrity crew members left the ship and newly hired crew members joined Journey. In meantime one more sister ship was lunched to the Azamara family, the Azamara Quest. The two ships met each other that same year in Cartagena Colombia, thus everybody from crew and guests had an opportunity to see both ships from inside. These two ships will meet each other again this year, 2012, in Venice which is a rare opportunity for such experience. Most of the crew members who worked from the birth of the cruise ship company Azamara left, but there are still some of them who stayed and some of them are Brian White who is a waiter from Jamaica, Gerardo Galardo who is a waiter from Chile, Dale who is one of the best bartenders from Jamaica, and Richard Guzman who is a Hotel Director from Poland. If we left out someone we do apologize, but you can let us know by writing in the comment box and give us an opportunity to extend the list and recognize those crew members who worked so hard to start up this young company. We wish all Azamara crew members and guests a lot of amazing moments and we hope all are well wherever in the world you are. source http://crew-center.com/story-birth-azamara-cruises
  8. Postponed Movie premier of "Welcome Aboard" (original title Benvenuto a Bordo) that needed to be shown to Italian public in February this year will see the light of the Italian Cinemas on 15 of June. Welcome Aboard is a a French comedy that resembles parody of The Love Boat. This movie is directed by Eric Lavaine who shot this movie on Costa Atlantica. Interesting fact about this movie is that Costa Concordia Captain Schettino was consultant to the production during the shooting of this movie. Read more at http://crew-center.com/premiere-cruise-comedy-welcome-aboard
  9. This is the Cruise Ship Crew Prayer Heavenly Father, look down on us your humble, obedient crew members, who are doomed to cruise the mighty waters of this Earth. We do not ask for much, but we pray for small waves, light winds, and short hurricane seasons. Give us our Lord good captain and officers who are not very fond of good wine that often so we can have a smooth cruise and no “abandon ship” codes. Make boat drill as short as possible and guests who can hear and understand our commands. Dear Heavenly Father, we understand that we are on this cruise ship to work, but we beg of you for none of my coworkers to get sick because we do not like to work for two people and not even get the full tip. Give us supervisors who are doing their jobs and not hang around too much to give us hard time, as well as managers who value our hard work and promote us in a timely manner so we can buy nice cars and houses back home. Oh mighty God, we never forget the reason we are here, our guests who we appreciate and value so much. All we ask for our Lord is for our guests to be a happy bunch who got paid before the cruise, know what they want, do not think that the country we come from is a dish in the menu. Read more at http://crew-center.com/cruise-prayer-crew
  10. Greatest Cruise Commercials - My Story That Bud commercial, it got me again;) http://crew-center.com/greatest-cruise-commercials-my-story
  11. This is a quick reference to the cruise ship technical and cultural terminologies, as well as the most common words used by crew members. The meanings of the previous mentioned are presented in this “Cruise Ship Cultural Dictionary.” Crew members live and work on cruise ships and create their own unique environment, as well as cultural expression. The fact that one cruise ship may have more than 60 different cultural nationalities, may force the same to create their unique little society and culture. Therefore, crew members have their own unique words which they use every day. Most of the words are an infusion of Italian, Pilipino, Jamaican, Spanish, Balkan as well as other linguistic origins. People who have boarded a ship at least once may have heard these words among crew members in the cruise industry and now for the first time we are revealing this amazing vocabulary. For the first time here we are presenting the meaning of those words at http://crew-center.com/cruise-ship-crew-dictionary
  12. Here is joke for you There once was a captain of a ship, and everyday at a certain time he would lock himself up in his cabin and look inside a mysterious black box. He did this everyday, but he told nobody what was inside the box. Then one day he died, and in his testament he gave the crew permission to open the box. So they opened the black box. And what they found was a piece of paper: ''Starboard is right, port is left. you can read more jokes at http://crew-center.com/crew-jokes
  13. Here is one RCCL joke from you AFTER THE COFFEE SERVICE THE GUEST ASK THE WAITER WHERE IS SPLENDOR HE REPLIED THAT SHIP IS IN EUROPE RIGHT NOW You can find some more cruise jokes at http://crew-center.com/crew-jokes
  14. Yes you have one white one red complimentary wine in Prime C and Aqualina. They are the same wines that are served in MDR. Every day you have choice of two wines that are changing during the cruise.
  15. No my dear friend this is not a spam you can check Costa official web site and see for your self.
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