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  1. So we just got back from our Thanksgiving Cruise. We used VIP Express and couldn't be happier with the service we received. The vehicle was clean and on time. Emmanuel was awesome. Incredibly personable and helpful. We used him from Hobby to the HarborHouse and then again for return to the airport after the cruise. We wouldn't hesitate to use him again
  2. We've cruised out of NO 3 times. First 2 times we used Advanced Check in. They took our bags to airport for us and we picked them up when arriving at the airport. Last time we Walked over to Hilton Riverside and as stated above, they do hold your bags for you for a small fee plus tip. I don't recall the exact $$ but it was cheaper than Advanced Checkin. We just walked around N.O. and then went back to Hilton, picked up our bags and called a cab to the airport.
  3. Agreed. Our son turned 18 this summer and doesn't seem overly excited about he prospect of "drinking" in Mexico. I'm sure he'll try something but it won't be much. However, he's incredibly excited that he can now join us in the casino
  4. We're booked at Harbor House for November cruise as we wont have a car either. Close enough that we can walk to the ship if we want but have been told there is shuttle at Harbor House in case the weather is nasty. Picked them because they seem to get consistently good reviews and there seems to be a lot within walking distance.
  5. Shhhhh I have a 10 year Rip VW too. (oooooh, so the truth comes out ) DH spent 2 weeks making rounds all over tri state area after I got my 15 year trying to find me a 20 year for a Christmas present. He got a 10 year. Said he felt bad he couldn't get the 20 . I said are you KIDDING, most bourbon lovers go their entire life without ever even getting to try Pappy. I'm now the owner of 2 bottles of the white unicorn of bourbons LOL. November has become a combination of Turkey Day and Pappy Day for me If I'm honest, I actually like the 10 year a little better than the 15. They're both wonderful. But personally I found the 10 is a bit smoother. Though I'd love to try the 12. And the 20
  6. I managed to get a 15. It's nice. Very nice DH doesn't drink bourbon but I let him have a taste and even he liked it. After one sip I pushed him away and said, " MINE!!! " LOL Tried a few out of the way places last year to see if I could get lucky with another bottle. Most of them pretty much just laughed at me when I asked if he had any sitting back in the back. But that's OK, I expected it. I mean, unless you are in really good with the right someone, that's the only way you're ever gonna get it. Pure luck on my part is what did it.
  7. I would too. I scored a bottle of Pappy about 4 years ago. Believe me, that bottle is stored in the safe
  8. We are going on our first "holiday" cruise over Thanksgiving. This will be our 5th cruise. We've always cruised around the beginning of November and usually book cruises about 9 months out. I believe every cruise we've done has had a price drop or two after we book that we were able to take advantage of. But not this one. We booked in October of 2018 and the price has only gone up since then. Last time I checked which was I think about a month or so ago it was probably close to double the price that we paid at booking. And when we booked, the there were already a limited # of rooms left. Or at least it was showing most of it booked when I was doing mock bookings online.
  9. Thanks so much everyone. I did receive an email confirming reservation. I'd say it was maybe about a week after booking. I'm just beyond excited about finally trying this. It's a 5 day cruise so I was thinking it would probably be on one of the sea days? We are in Cozumel on 11/27 and Progreso on 11/28. I've read they sometimes have them on Port days, but the 28th is also Thanksgiving so I didn't know if they'd do it on that day or not. Doesn't really matter do me which day they do it. I'm just happy to be able to experience it.
  10. April 42749, I don't think you are taking joy in speaking about your frustration. I brought my mother to live with us for 5 years after she was diagnosed with beginning states of dementia. I know EXACTLY what you are speaking about. I love my mother with everything in me and wouldn't change a thing about those 5 years, despite their difficulty. So, I totally understand that it gets frustrating when you are trying to help but have no way of knowing when they are being untruthful and when they have just misunderstood things they've been told. Dementia of any kind can be incredibly complicated and I know first hand that what's spoken TO them and what's interpreted BY them as they hear the words can be very different, for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it's just who they are as people; stubborn, willfull, or just "hear what they want to hear". But sometimes it's literally a misfire in their brain as to how they now bring in information being given to them. And even then....how they interpret it can change later when they try to recall what they were told. Many people aren't diagnosed with it until the later stages so people often misinterpret the behaviors that they can present in the early stages. I'm certainly not saying this is the issue with your husbands friend. I'm not any type of medical professional. But based on what you've said, and what I saw firsthand for 5 years, it sounds like something is going on with him. And it's sad because there are moments that HE probably realizes that something is not right. And that has to be scary as heck for him. I don't think you are insulting them and their choices at all. I think you are simply trying to do what you can to help them and feeling the frustration that comes with helping someone that you know may suffer the negative consequences of not listening to experienced or researched advice. It's a difficult task.
  11. Thank you everyone for responses. I will print the fun shop receipt and put it with the other papers I take with us. Appreciate the help!
  12. I absolutely love the Alchemy bar. A few years ago we were sitting there and my nephew decided to try one. He'd never had a martini before. She asked what flavors he enjoyed and then made him something special. Had berries in it and was rather fruity. He tasted it and decided it tasted like really good fruit punch or something because he finished it off in minutes. I looked over at him as he was ordering a 2nd one and said, "Uhm…...you may wanna slow down there a little bit fella. That first one ain't had time to hit ya yet". About 4 sips into his 2nd one the first one hit him. LOL Thought he was gonna fall off his stool. was like someone flipped a switch. He learned to pace himself after that
  13. yes, North American Home ports Board Gulf Coast Departures has a few threads regarding transportation from Houston to Galveston . We are flying in to Hobby and using VIP Express to get to Galveston. They are also picking us up after the cruise to take us back to airport. I'm sure it's probably more expensive to stay in Galveston than in Houston but most posts I've read pretty much state that there's much more to do in Galveston than in Houston (at least if you stay close to airport). Especially if you don't have a car. Much more to do that's in walking distance in Galveston. Or so I've read. Either way, we've never been there so decided to fly in a couple of days ahead of time to spend some time there.
  14. If you purchase Cheers ahead of time, does it show up anywhere on your booking summary? My Cheers purchase shows up under my Order History for this cruise along with the FTTF purchase. But it doesn't show up on my booking summary that I print out. I see FTTF shows up but I'm assuming that is because it's considered and excursion?
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