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  1. We love cruising and have used Princess for our last 10 cruises. With the recent changes, I'm not sure if loyalty (ours to Princess) means anything anymore as the benefits of loyalty are being removed. United Airlines did the same thing a few years ago and I have not flown them since. Is recognition of your loyalty important to you?
  2. This is sad. If this isn't temporary, I will most likely stop cruising and go back to flying in and/or RVing.
  3. and maybe we can cut their fingers off each time they touch their face...
  4. Several "experts" have said herd immunity by the end of April. I hope they are right.
  5. When the cancelled my cruise with our two oldest Granddaughters the fourth time, I finally asked for a refund. I gave up $900 in OBC but like many others here, the risk is getting untenable. To my surprise, Carnival refunded every penny in less than ten days. As soon as the Governments get their hand off my throat, we will cruise again on Carnival.
  6. I applied to have my credit applied to my Sep 2021 cruise last August. It was approved and showed up on my account. Now, I no longer see it there. Guess I will have to reapply after July .
  7. Four of us are booked for the Sep 5, 2021 cruise out of Vancouver (third rebook). I have had both vaccination injections but the rest of the party has not. Keeping the faith though.
  8. My cash refund also would not go through. Called my Trip Advisor and she said they received a message that the link they posted was not ready and to try again in 24 hours.
  9. This is my fourth cancellation and this time, I'm taking the cash and giving up $900 OBC. I will just rebook in the future if there is one.
  10. We are booked on the Sep 4, 2021 cruise tour from Vancouver, to Anchorage, to Fairbanks. Grand Princess. I have the vaccine, the other three in our party don't yet.
  11. I checked my Sep 4, 2021 cruise tour prices per person on the Grand from Vancouver to Alaska. The balcony room price is $151 cheaper with the best ever sale. I'm going to call and see if I can get that price reduction.
  12. I'm getting concerned about the OBC. My third rebook is for Aug 1. They told me I had too much OBC $1600 last time we booked so if they cancel again and offer more, I wonder if I will get anything from it?
  13. Original cruise was Apr 11. Cancelled by Carnival, rebooked with FCC and new deposit for May 31. Cancelled by Carnival so we took FCC and OBC. Re-booked for Aug 1. Used FCC for full fair due to price difference and received my $600 OBC plus some additional for previous deposits. Also had our Sep 5 Cruisetour to Alaska with Princess cancelled.
  14. I just booked (for the third time) our cruise with our 2 Granddaughters (11 & 13). My Wife and I were $799 each, one child was $499 and one was $399.
  15. Once the Feds and private companies start opening up commerce again, the States will follow quickly. Everyday that goes by the people in those states are losing millions of dollars and the little bit the government is giving out will not keep the country afloat. Business HAS to start again or the people killed by the virus will be dwarfed by those suicides, murders, etc., caused by lack of food and money.
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