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  1. We are hoping for a Norway cruise on Britannia. We have a family member wanting to try P&O and feel Britannia is a safer option in the school holidays. 🤞
  2. No ice cream sundaes 😭 on recent cruises we have had one of those most nights
  3. Jansen isn’t approved for children in the UK. Only one dose of Phizer which is not classed as fully vaccinated
  4. I’ll keep everything crossed. Please keep us informed.
  5. Not sure how correct this is but they are saying for children to be double jabbed not single which the UK isn’t offering to children.
  6. I will just have to wait and see. I am so sorry this has happened to you. Especially at this late notice. How thoroughly disappointing for you and your children. Apologies if you mentioned this further up but are they giving you a choice of a refund?
  7. We are on the Iona half term cruise. Me and my husband are double jabbed and my children are not (11 and 9) I will await an email. Talk about leaving it last minute 🙄
  8. Booking in at the kids club and kids being kept in the same bubbles. Also a parent having to attend the kids club with any children aged 2-4. This doesn’t affect us but I know some are going onboard not aware of these changes.
  9. Thank you as always. Your contribution is always appreciated.
  10. I’m sure there could be some small outbreaks but P&O are a lot stricter than MSC etc. Kids clubs bubbled only with set time slots- no just turning up. Also masks for over 6 year olds including in kids club.
  11. I was about to ask this same question. We are booked on the half term one. I understand P&O’s worries but they should have made a decision before now if they were going to carry on making it vaccinated guests only and gone back to balance due 30 days prior if they weren’t sure.
  12. They visited Gran Canaria at the start of the summer which I thought was an Amber? Both of them and the kids all took a test before visiting. I’ll have to find out whether the adults automatically did it because the kids were required as not vaccinated. I thought this happened when they visited Malaga too. It is a complete shambles. With getting the kids tested 3 days before you would think that would be quite simple.
  13. I have a friend who has travelled to Amber list countries a few times over the last couple of months. Going out she had a video call with a nurse who watched her do the PCR test to make sure she was doing it correct and to check the result was negative. On her return the test was sent through the post and was exactly like the normal PCR tests (except the cost) which she did at home and sent off without having to isolate. Hopefully this will be as simple with P&O but I somehow doubt it 😂 Our cruise is just to Hamburg, Rotterdam and Bruges. We have already purchased the excursions but in all honesty we can float around the iow for a week as long as I’m on the ship. Another thing I read which I’m not sure if 100% true is that all over 6 year olds have to wear a mask onboard including in the kids clubs. My 2 are older and are very much used to wearing a mask for long periods but it wouldn’t be as easy if they were that age.
  14. This is from their website. The vaccination and testing policy for all cruises departing from 25 September to 31 December 2021 requires all guests 18 years old and over to have completed their vaccination course a minimum of 14 days prior to sailing. All guests 17 years old and below will need to have completed their vaccination course a minimum of 14 days prior to sailing or will require a negative PCR test within 72 hours prior to travel. These cruises are now for UK resident guests only. All guests will also require a negative COVID-19 test at the terminal; the cost of both the COVID-19 test at the terminal and the PCR test will be complimentary. If you click on the top of their page where it says health protocols, followed by our assurance to you it should bring up the info you need. Hopefully by the time you travel things may have eased 🤞
  15. Thank you and I hope you do too 😊
  16. Hello we are on the October half term cruise on Iona. There will be an additional PCR test 2 or 3 days before the cruise for anyone unvaccinated as well as the one at the port on the day for departure. Hopefully we will hear more info soon with regards this and any tests needed when we arrive back in the UK.
  17. Does that mean you have to book the cruise within those 2 years or have actually gone on the cruise in that time period? We are on in the October half term cruise on Iona 😬 We’re both working and the kids are at school and from what I understand if we are contacted by test and trace we will not be allowed on which I completely understand but I’m not gonna allow myself to get excited until I step onboard.
  18. Yes you are correct. We upgraded our October cruise a couple of months ago to a balcony cabin and the price was based on the original launch price.
  19. I hope you have a an absolute fantastic time. I would love to hear your thoughts and maybe some pictures if you could be so kind 😊 I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that the sun will be shining but I think you’ll have a fab sail away no matter what! We are hopefully on Iona for a week in October and I’m trying not to get excited yet. Normally I would have started packing by now 🤣
  20. Hythe is a nice place to sit in your car and watch the ships go off. There’s a Costa in the town where you can grab a take away. We do really like Calshot. We have kids and it’s got a pebble beach and a ice cream van so what more can you want! 😂 It keeps them entertained if the ship is late departing. You do get quite close and can sometimes hear the sail away music depending on wind direction. These were taken the other day when we watched Ventura going out.
  21. We have stayed in cabins ranging from outsides to the family suite on Azura. Unless we go to the Caribbean in which we are now happy with a standard balcony we always choose the outside cabins or whatever they are called these days. Partly because we spend very little time in the cabin (we realized this after going all out on the family suite and not using it) plus it gives us the option of 2 cruises a year. We personally love the outside cabins and have our favourites which we try and always go back to.
  22. I would love to see some photos please. I hope you all have an amazing time. I am feeling very jealous!
  23. She said she won’t be going on holiday again until this has fully calmed down. She was quite shaken from it. She said there seemed quite a change in atmosphere as soon as the announcement was made. She spoke to another couple and they felt the same and they felt really disliked.
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