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  1. sarasotascott

    Elite cocktail hours extended...permanent change

    Me too, easily....I like the expanded HH time and the ability to go to different bars but why they did not mirror Royal with 3 drinks on the card and unlimited drinks at the sky lounge is a bad call on the part of the decision makers.
  2. We just got off the Mahler on Sept. 1. Crystal paid to change our flights from Budapest to Amsterdam up to $1000 each, plus we were offered a $2000 pp future cruise discount. If we chose not to cruise there was an option for a full refund of the cruise fare. We decided to go and had the best cruise we have ever experienced and we have been on over 60 ocean cruises. It was like a semi private river cruise as only 44 guests were on board so that’s about 2 staff per passenger. Talk about great service! Neal Fullerton, the entertainer was fantastic and the passengers had a great time with lots of comraderiere. I was told the next cruise was going to have about the same amount of passengers....lucky people! Lastly, the stops and excursions were very good with lots of choices. We when to Trier, Luxemburg, The Haig, and Brussels....all nice stops.
  3. I’m on the Mahler now and the dress in the main dining room is what I would call smart casual. The vast majority are changing clothes before dinner with a few but rare exceptions. The women are looking very fashionable and the men are wearing nice slacks and nice shirts in both long and short sleeves.
  4. sarasotascott

    Crystal Low-Water-Level Schedule Changes/Cancellations

    We just left Bernkastel yesterday after a 2 night stay and it was a charming town with many half timbered houses. This town was used as a jump off point to tours in Luxemburg and Trier. Both full day tours were excellent with driving times of about 1.25 hours and 45 minutes respectively.
  5. sarasotascott

    Crystal Low-Water-Level Schedule Changes/Cancellations

    The original itinerary was 16 days Budapest to Amsterdam. Crystal paid for flight changes to get us to Amsterdam. We will be booking the Mozart next May or June for 10 so we can see most of what we missed with the amended journey.
  6. sarasotascott

    Crystal Low-Water-Level Schedule Changes/Cancellations

    We have 44 guests on board....it’s quite nice. I heard in a few days we are taking on 12-14 more passengers from another ship that had a shortened cruise.
  7. sarasotascott

    Crystal Low-Water-Level Schedule Changes/Cancellations

    I am currently on the Mahler and we are having a Faboulous Cruise. Currently we are about to dock for an over night stay in Bernkastel. Good tour choices from here, we picked a full day in Luxembourg. Tomorrow a full day tour to Trier. We had a great visit to Koblenz and Cochem....great places and wonderful tours. It’s like a private yacht experience due to cancellations. Great food and super staff...I’m loving it!! Scott
  8. We were notified a week ago with the following new itinerary.....the format is not copying correctly, sorry. Aug 16Amsterdam, Netherlands OvernightAug 17 Amsterdam, Netherlands-1 pmAug 18Cologne, Germany 2 pm7 pmAug 19Koblenz, Germany 9 am11 pmAug 20Cochem, Germany 8 am9 pmAug 21Bernkastel, Germany8 amOvernight pmAug 22Bernkastel, Germany-1 pmAug 23Dusseldorf, Germany1 pm8 pmAug 24Nijmegen, Netherlands6 am6 pmAug 25Maastricht, Netherlands10 amOvernightAug 26Maastricht, Netherlands-12 pmAug 27Rotterdam, Netherlands1 pm6 pmAug 28Ghent, Belgium8 am8 pmAug 29Antwerp, Belgium8 am4 pmAug 30Dordrecht, Netherlands1 pm7 pmAug 31Amsterdam, Netherlands8 amOvernightSept 1Amsterdam, NetherlandsDisembark am
  9. sarasotascott

    Port Maps

    I use whatsinport.com......it lists all the ports in the world by country and has basic info and maps.
  10. sarasotascott

    WHO'S ON BOARD: Officers, Staff and Crew: PART 2

    Getting ready to board the Millennium on March 18. Can anyone update the current senior officer list please? Thanks, Scott
  11. We are docking in Incheon. I would like to know if Celebrity’s coach drives thru Seoul on the way out or back to the ship on this tour. Thanks, Scott
  12. Just to clarify my original posting.....the issue is the website stated they will be holding a Catholic mass. They now say that was not correct and the website was wrong. How about doing what you say you are going to do and bring on a priest for Christmas. Lastly they handled the phone call back to us very poorly....almost with an air of indignation. That’s too bad but Ok, I’ll look elsewhere in the future
  13. Thanks for the suggestion however Christmas is a holy day for Catholics and they must attend a mass and take communion which can only be consecrated at a mass by a priest.
  14. From the princess website 1 minute ago...read last sentence: Cruising Through the Holidays Princess' Shipboard Celebrations Make it Easy to have a Happy Hanukkah, Christmas or New Year As each year draws to a close, Princess guests look forward to enjoying the sights and sounds of the holiday season, those age-old traditions of Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year's ... as they visit exotic locales, soak up the sun and participate in the many other activities a cruise has to offer. The ease with which Princess enables guests to enjoy these special days has made the holidays one of the most popular times to take a seagoing vacation, as Princess ships make the season particularly festive. Princess' fleet offers a wide range of Christmas and New Year's cruises across the globe each year, typically sailing to the Caribbean, Panama Canal, Australia/ New Zealand, South America and the South Pacific during this holiday period. A Merry Christmas at Sea It's not hard to get into the Christmas spirit right from the start, as ships are trimmed from stem to stern in festive holiday decor, complete with wreaths, holly, mistletoe and, of course, Christmas trees, which often even decorate the ship's mast. It's not uncommon to see Yuletide carolers strolling the decks singing favorite holiday tunes, or waiters wearing Santa hats. Seasonal entertainment abounds, as guests may enjoy themed production shows, live music and films during the voyage. Guests can also attend Catholic mass and inter-denominational church service.
  15. Just talked to Mary Brink in Customer Service at Princess, and she said that there will be NO Priest on board to say Catholic Mass for Christmas....even though the Princess.com website says there will be! They will be taking down this information off their website shortly. We booked the Regal yesterday when we saw online that they would have a priest onboard. When I called Princess to double check we were told that was not correct but they would get back to us today. Needless to say we will not finalize our booking today as we had the cabin on hold for 24 hours. The past few Christmases we cruised on Celebrity and they always have a Priest on board for the Holy days of Easter and Christmas. She also never heard of Apostleship of the Seas that coordinates the Priests to be on these Christmas and Easter cruises for the cruise lines. We have cruised on Princess 10 times and this was a real disappointment.