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  1. It doesn't appear that the cruise lines have taken ANY action on this news from Canada still. They've shut down operations for 30 days but you can still book Vancouver departure Alaskan sailings starting in mid-April. Are the cruise lines sitting around going "oh that Canada, they are so funny, they didn't mean it" or have they just not gotten around to dealing with anything after the first 30 days? I had a rep from Holland email me today asking if I wanted to book something for this May.
  2. Well that officially cancels my May cruise. Now waiting to hear from the cruiseline.
  3. Oh absolutely! I know for next time. Just wanted to share my experience with the actual distance since with luggage it might be a bigger deal for some. 😉
  4. I did this a couple years ago with our (then) 3 year old: Parked at YVR, took the Canada Line to Waterfront and then got on the ship at Canada Place. There is a short walk from where you get off the Canada Line train. When we did it we popped up by the A&W at the train station (big red Canadian Pacific Railway building) on West Cordova and Google says it's about a 400m walk to the front of Canada Place where the ships dock (so probably under 1k total walking from train door to ship checkin). We had 3 suitcases (1 large, 2 carry-on size) and an umbrella stroller.
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