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  1. There are definitely worse jobs in the world than being part of the skeleton crew aboard an empty cruise ship.
  2. In truth, Carnival needs to come up with a better method for submitting for shareholder OBC. I recently submitted for mine for the first time at the beginning of the year and followed the official instructions which stated to mail or fax. Not having a fax machine I mailed the documents. Never heard a word nor received my credit after 2 months. Finally found a post on here about email guest services, which I did, and received my credit a few days later, along with an email stating that email was not the proper way to submit those documents, and while they gave me the credit, it could not be
  3. We did the 8 night Horizon trip last year. The ship is awesome! Hopefully you have a Havana Cabana! We did not get off in La Romana so I won't comment on that piece, however... Grand Turk - I always like to swim in the ocean so we made this a beach day. Couple of options... Use the beach right off the ship. Yes, it may be a bit crowded but on this particular trip we weren't planning on speding ALL day at the beach, just an hour or two, so we dropped our towels along the waters edge so we could keep an eye on them and hit the water. Once we were done, headed back t
  4. From what I remember, there was not an option to indicate wheelchair. We did see several people using them on the ship and did not notice any issues.
  5. Some of it depends on the ship and/or itinerary you are looking at. Ships like Horizon, Panorama, Mardi Gras will sell out much faster. You can always book at one of their $50 deposit promotions and if you can't take that cruise, just cancel and move your deposit to another sailing. I have also read that when you view online, not all the open rooms show. However, I'm not sure if that is 100% accurate information.
  6. I am still waiting for the refund...haven't seen it hit the card yet.
  7. I figured so and did a quick search of the forums but didn't see anything about it. So looks like I was one of the people they referenced in the notice that didn't get the notification until today. Ugh. Mardi Gras Notice.pdf
  8. I just got notice from Carnival that the Mardi Gras is officially delayed and they have cancelled all sailings prior to the November 14, 2020 sailing out of Port Canaveral. I was scheduled to sail the maiden voyage out of Copenhagen so they canceled that one, the trans-Atlantic sailing and the sailings out of NY. This sucks. I've attached the noticed sent to me by Carnival, and have confirmed on the website that my booking is gone. Mardi Gras Notice.pdf
  9. I had all the craft beers (except the IPA) on the Horizon a few weeks ago. The wheat, smoked porter, and Thirsty Frog red are all good.
  10. I just got back 2 weeks ago from a cruise out of Miami. I got a Lyft from the hotel at 9am and was at the port with our luggage dropped off about 9:30. They opened the terminal to start letting guests in for check in, security, etc. at about 10am. Boarding was started about 10:30am and as FTTF we were on board by about 10:50. This was on the Horizon. In response to dropping luggage off with the porters...I've never understood why people would want to drag their luggage around with them when boarding, however, there are a lot of people that do that. Just like you, we have never
  11. Just hope the rest of the passengers are as well!
  12. You can email the matre'd for your ship ahead of time and make the request.
  13. The aft stairs near the Havana area go all the way up to deck 11. Anyone can use them.
  14. Dang. 3 cruises in a row on the Horizon? That's awesome! I would like to do a B2B on the Horizon...the 8 day followed by the 6 day. You are gonna love the trikes!
  15. Maybe they could post someone there, however there are two LCD televisions mounted at the elevators with the instructions on how to use the elevator. I did my research ahead of time on how to use the elevators, but I know everyone won't do that. I stand by my statement that I think the better way would be selecting the floor, then the number of people. For anyone interested, here is a great video on how to use the elevators:
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