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  1. We lanyards that are like this: https://www.amazon.com/Lanyard-Lanyards-Lanyard-Key-Lanyard-University-Beautifully-Removable/dp/B07DDKF941/ref=sr_1_6?keywords=lanyard&qid=1566221718&s=gateway&sr=8-6 Great thing about them is that I can just unclip the hole bottom part and hand that to the bartender and no need to clip an unclip the card itself.
  2. Personally, I find the whole idea of choosing a ship based on one specific feature kind of strange. As others have said, the SkyRide is a 4 minute ride after a wait in line. I'm on the Horizon in October and if its open I will try it out based on the queue, but if I don't get to ride it, oh well.
  3. Nice! Still something I'm hoping to do in the future...a B2B would certainly make the disembarkation day less sad...at least for the first leg lol
  4. Hey, a free beer is still a free beer...and I like the Thirsty Frog Red! But I would think that you aren't going to be the first there unless you are diamond or plat.
  5. I love me some NY style, foldable slices, but since I can't get that on the ship, and pizza is usually the only food available late, then thin crust it is.
  6. Silly person. Their pizza doesn't fold. It's crispy thin crust...not yummy NY style. 😂
  7. Has anyone actually come out and said specifically what the problem is? I keep reading that it is down for "maintenance". That could mean anything but I'm going to assume they are avoiding saying what the actual problem is.
  8. In all my experience traveling, my phone tends to have signal trouble at the most inconvenient time. I could have full bars, walk up to the agent and for some reason it can't seem to connect. Therefore I always have my docs printed as a backup.
  9. If you get a good PVP you will always use them. I booked myself until I happen to get a call from one assigned to me and I think I couldn't have asked for a better one! We now book all our cruises through him and I even recommend him to friends. We've had two different friends book through him. Very helpful to get the exact room and cruise we want, and we know about specials before they are widely advertised. Always very helpful with questions or concerns, and is quick to respond.
  10. Yes and no....and I say that because the Havana rooms are on deck 5 and are more expensive than the higher deck rooms. But besides the Havana rooms, and possibly the family cove rooms, the higher the deck, the more expensive the room. There may be a slight difference from fore to aft, but the midship rooms I belive are more expensive. Aft extended balconies are the more expensive balconies compared to the others. But I will also say that this pricing difference is not unique to the Horizon. It is the same on all ships.
  11. My last few cruises have been: Conquest, Glory, Conquest, Fantasy, Glory.
  12. I don't remember which ship...those were the ones I remember throughout all my cruises.
  13. We did Captain Nautica's Ultimate Snorkel excursion. It was a small boat so I think there was only 10-15 total people which was awesome. Our captain got us to the snorkel spots before other boats so we were able to be in the water with very few people. Great time swimming with turtle as well as lots of fish.
  14. I have seen: 80's Friends Seinfeld 70's music 80's music Superheros
  15. I did one of the best snorkeling excursions in St. Thomas. I loved it and we could walk around the town after without being bothered by people. I don't care for Nassau. Really you have to do an excursion there to make it worth while. I have done Stewart Coves and It was great, but the pushy people make it tough. Freeport was also a dud, but I've only been there once. Took a taxi to the beach near some abandoned hotels. Haven't been back since and that was 10 years ago so maybe they've rebuilt.
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