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  1. Great stuff Gambee! Not sure what took me so long to find your review. Can you use any part of the spa without paying? The sauna, steam room, something? I don't ever recall having to pay for such on other cruises.
  2. Very good info. Some of the reviews about paying for entertainment are very misleading. What you have laid out seems on par with other cruise lines.
  3. I was looking at pics of the MSC Preziosa and the balconies on that ship look to be small too. About the same size as the balconies on Breakaway. Even the Yacht Club Suite balconies looked small. Maybe it is a new trend these small balconies.
  4. We were on Adventure of the Seas in February and every meal in the MDR took at least 1.5 hours, but that was because one of our table mates ordered no less than four appetizers every night. Thank goodness they were good company.
  5. They are definitely bigger - about 70 sqf. Check out this picture.
  6. Too cool what you did to that picture. Wish I could do that! Cool stuff.
  7. Should be thanking you. I am just the little helper. :)
  8. Yeah, I really wanted an Aft facing balcony, but they only sleep three.
  9. The bottom balconies forward are mini suite M6 and the ones up one deck are large balcony B6.
  10. Also here is link to a great picture of B6 and M6 balconies.
  11. I think B6 is 175 sqf. Room and 70 sqf. Balcony. My NCL has the room at 245 sqf. and if you go through the booking process on NCL and select a stateroom to see the details it is listed at 175sqf. This leads one to conclude it is 175 + 75 =245. Cheers.
  12. [quote name='gambee'][IMG]https://fbcdn-sphotos-f-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/923451_10151733264461414_699478120_n.jpg[/IMG][/QUOTE] How do you post the picture this large? I can only get a little thumbnail to post. Thanks for your time and your talent.
  13. [quote name='English101']Seems that deck isn't THAT freestyle![/QUOTE] I say take it all off. What's the worst they can do? Make you get dressed? Maybe walk the plank!
  14. Same issue. Not sure how much couple time we will get to make use of it. Right now, my son still likes hanging with his parents. Maybe it will change this time around.
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