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  1. It is on the bottom of the fun times. They are quite tiny to see, though. Change clocks forward one hour forward 2:00 AM Of Tuesday (Cabo San Lucas Day Monday). Then change clocks backward 2:00AM of Friday (Fun Day at Sea Thursday). Also, always keep on ship time even when you port. Even on excursions, stay on ship time. Hope this makes sense.
  2. Personally, with what I only experienced in my cruising history, I would rank the ships as follows based on what I enjoyed and the layout: 1. Carnival Splendor - Hubby and I love the T-pool if not anything else. We'd stay in the spa area all day if we could, unfortunately we have to feed the kids (such is life). The layout is quite nice though they don't have a wrap around promenade like the spirit class. The ship is big, but not too overwhelmingly big as the Panorama. I miss the ship so much 😭 2. Carnival Legend - I like this ship better than the Miracle only becau
  3. Indoors? It was pleasant indoors, then again I run cold so, please take a light jacket. On port days, it was warm when we were there. I suggest wearing layers in case it gets cold on your sailing.
  4. Whatever you're planning to wear sounds perfect for the MDR. Capris are fine during the day. Enjoy your cruise!
  5. I also felt the ship was large. My parents and I felt a bit of pain on our lower legs on the first 2 days from all the walking since we were situated towards the front half of the ship. We normally take the stairs on Fantasy class ships, but not this time. I'd probably have an asthma attack if I did. You're right, to go anywhere, you have to get an Uber 😄
  6. You’re welcome. Glad I could help, even a little.
  7. Thank you for sticking around with me. I hope you have an enjoyable cruise cruise.
  8. Thank you, I’m glad to help! Have a wonderful journey today.
  9. I'd give 5 per day? Depends if your kid is really happy there and made them feel special. Can we ever put a price on our kid's happiness? 😛
  10. Last Thoughts The Panorama is a solid Carnival ship. After being jealous that the East Coast has both the Horizon and the Vista, I’m happy that we West Coast cruisers have a big ship to call our own. The MDR and buffet offerings were as expected. The taste was consistent and there are a lot of choices for picky eaters like my kids. Even the additional charge restaurants are surprisingly good. My only regret was not getting to try the other places like Jiji or the Teppanyaki place. There are just so much to choose from. Next time, there better be a next time.
  11. Sky Zone We all wanted to try the Sky Zone Trampoline park but according to the fun squad members, the jumping times are broken up to Toddlers ($5), Teens ($12), Adults ($18). Bren jumped by himself on the first sea day afternoon. Aria and I took a 9AM schedule for Thursday (Second Sea Day). DH didn’t get to jump with us but we were allowed to be at the spectator gallery to take his photos. There are probably 10 kids bouncing all over the place. It was entertaining to watch, especially Bren, who wasn't in any way athletically inclined. Aria was devastat
  12. Bonsai Sushi Bren was hankering for some ramen. You know how it is with teenage boys. They’re basically bottomless pits at this age. So at around 830-9pm on Cabo day, even after we had dinner at the MDR , we had dinner number 2 at Bonsai Sushi. Aria still absent because she will not appreciate the fried goodness laid in front of her. We didn't try Cucina, Jiji, or the Teppanyaki. We have that all lined up the next time we cruise on the Panorama again.
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