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    I have always found the lobsters on board to taste weird and a little off putting... almost a chlorine after taste. But, admittedly, that could be that we are spoilt for choice because of where we live and the abundance of friends with lobster pots. 🦞
  2. My husband and I are in our 40's and 50's. We have our 5th Oceania cruise booked for October 2021 (ever hopeful...). Our first cruise was in 2012 when I was still in my 30's - gasp! All were 10 to 12 days - as we are, after all, still working to pay for our cruising! I would not dissuade you from looking at Oceania because of your age. We have always loved every cruise we took and made wonderful, interesting friends of all ages. We enjoy the itinerary, the food, the sea day activities (especially on the O boats cooking and wine tasting sessions), the spa/gym, the overall relaxed fe
  3. For what it is worth, we rarely eat dinner at Terrace Cafe because we do find it much nosier and more chaotic than the GDR or the specialties. We love it for breakfast though - especially when you can eat outside. You're sure to find what's best for you when you get on board. Especially when you have the choice to do it on your own terms. Look forward to hearing about your experience! Hope you love it.
  4. I love this idea and love the BVLGARI items. At the very least they should sell them on the ship... I always wonder why they don't.
  5. We upgraded from a A1 to a PH3 on the last two upgrade offers - there is hope! We were told it's not the full 4 category when they get into PHs - you just jump up one. Obviously based on availability! We were lucky.
  6. Is 10/31/21 an arbitrary date or do you have an inside scoop?
  7. Great news from your TA! Maybe we will have to come out in our little boat to say hi! I wish I could lay claim to the video but we did not take it - I just found it on youtube and thought it was cool.
  8. We live on Buzzards Bay and take our own little boat through the canal often. It is great fun to see the excitement on here about something in our own backyard. I remember one night we were having dinner on the Bay and to our amazement we saw an Oceania ship (I think it was Insignia) going by... such a treat! I found this video which I think captured it and is kind of fun. Maybe this will help to "hold you over" until you (hopefully) get to experience our little canal.
  9. Haven't seen anything yet about a Labor Day sale - have you? I am considering booking a "back up" cruise... looking more and more like our May 2021 cruise may not happen.
  10. That's why I specifically named the boats! 😉
  11. If all remains as it was - afternoon tea is lovely, specialty restaurants are great (our favorites are Red Ginger and Jacques), if you are on Marina or Riviera the culinary classes are really fun and on our last trip (on Marina last November) we really enjoyed the wine bar nights at La Reserve and the wine tasting also at La Reserve. If you like burgers Waves is a must stop for lunch when on board. Relaxing while listening to the string quartet after a busy day on shore is a treat... We also just love watching the world go by from our balcony, from the spa terrace or with a drink in hand overl
  12. I understand what you are saying... honestly, it is by no means Michelin star quality but (and I echo others when I say) that it is excellent by cruising standards. I love food. And love really good high quality food - have been lucky enough to eat at top restaurants and, through philanthropic work, had some of the best chefs in the country cook for me. By enlarge I am pleased with the food - especially in the specialty restaurants. There are definitely some big hits and some misses... My SIL, however, is a total food snob and I know she would find fault - thus we have never suggested she join
  13. We have sailed four times with Oceania - on Riviera, Nautica (2x) and Marina - we are (hopefully) returning to Riviera in May. Fingers crossed for us all! We have always booked a cabin with a veranda. It is literally my favorite place to sit and watch the world go by. It sounds like this is what you are looking for as well - I think you will be very happy! If you are in a concierge cabin take advantage of the spa deck as well - another peaceful spot to lounge with a good book. (As other posters have mentioned, the bathrooms are tight on the smaller ships...) We typicall
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