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  1. I thought I saw you fly over. See you Superbowl Sunday!
  2. I had been trying to call for over a week and refuse to be on hold for more than 15 minutes. Yesterday I called and got a recording saying there were over 100 callers ahead of me. I hung up and called right back and they picked up on the first ring. Go figure?
  3. I also have checked my Leatherman on many times with no problem. Last time I made the mistake of moving it to carry on and it was flagged. Pleaded to security and was left with two options. Mail it home, not a round trip cruise, or kiss it good bye. Told the lady at security to give it to her husband. "Sorry not allowed", whatever!
  4. This is why a man should never do laundry. Thought I would do a load of darks. Asked DW if she wanted to add something. She tossed me a $50 pair of Levi's. Wash went well, (1 drink). Dry, (2 drinks), not so well. Load had been tossed onto folding table minus DW's jeans. Still in doghouse. My bad...
  5. I have another reason for being angry about the missing chair. My mom who travels solo likes to come over to hang out. Inside the room we just sit on the bed, but we like to party on our balcony. I always drag the barrel chair out to the balcony and enjoy all the comforts of home. Unfortunately the steward feels different and would drag it back in each night.
  6. Also, don't forget to hit the Pastry Shop after your meal.
  7. WARNING! Do not pack rootbeer in your check in luggage. My 12 pack turned into a 10 pack. All 10 cans were expanded to the bursting point. Luckily I packed them into two plastic bags which contained the mess. Never make that mistake again.
  8. Barq's in cans at all bars.
  9. R-747 is our go to stateroom on grand class ships. It's nice to be able to spin your deck chair sideways and see forward when plowing through the water. The only bummer is that straight above the balcony is a waiter station in the buffet and you constantly hear dishes banging and silverware hitting the floor.
  10. Cannot understand why sit down Salty Dogs are not open for lunch? Would be a great option.
  11. Try to find information on La Mer on the Sky page. It's all been deleted, except for the deck plans. Maybe Crooners is coming back?
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