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  1. There's a whole taxi/bus station just past all of the shops in port. Its super easy to find. There's a big sign with a map and it has all of the prices to go by bus/taxi,. etc to various locations. There are 4-5 guys out there to answer questions and to try to get you on one of the buses. Although you pay the bus driver directly, so I'm not sure how that works - maybe they get a kickback. Our driver took us and then set up a time to meet him back. The same group that went out all came back together. He collects the $20 when he drops you off in MB. I don' t know if there's a hopon/off bus, offhand.
  2. It wasn't horrible, but yes, the shop owners were def asking if you wanted to come in their shop. What I remember most, though, was being asked if we needed a taxi. All of the drivers would ask from their moving car and would drive off immediately when we said no, but we must have been asked 20+ times. The most pushy vendors by far were the ones at the Haiti port. There was a small section where they were all set up near the back. We went to one of the beaches pretty far back and had to pass by here twice. they all were trying to get you into their shops. You really have to be forceful as they will keep following you and when you leave one you'll walk right into another.
  3. well, we're back from the cruise. Ending up getting off of the ship around noon and headed over to the bus/taxi stand. We ended up doing a RT transfer to Montego Bay for $20pp. After we got dropped off and walked around Hip Strip for a few, I was wondering, now what the heck are we going to do for the next 3 hours. We ended up at Margaritaville and bought a couple beers and hung out on their chairs and did all of their water activities. We saw a few catamarans that were totally packed cruising right off shore. I think I saw them stop too for snorkeling, like what seemed to be 150' from shore. Kinda lame. All in all, it was nice to get out of the port. I'm glad we found margaritaville.
  4. We've done Dunns and Blue Hole. Thinking about heading to Montego Bay, possibly to take a catamaran, but not decided on that for sure. Is it worth the transportation cost to get to Montego Bay? We've been to Ochos Rios several times but nothing outside of that. Thanks!
  5. thanks, will def take a look at the park and see what makes sense for us. Probably a silly question, but is there any time on the way back to walk 5th Ave in Playa de Carmen or is the schedule pretty tight and they get you on the ferry back right away?
  6. We've been one quite a few cruises and ship time and local time are always the same right? What am I missing? I've never had to convert time during the day. Time changes always have happened at night when we were on board.
  7. We've been to Ocho Rios several times and have done Dunns Rover Falls and Blue Hole 2x. We are coming to Falmouth this time and looking for something similar but different. Wife found mention of Bengal Falls but there doesn't seem to be hardly anything about it on these boards. Any suggestions? Family of four with 2 boys, 12 and 15. Looking for something more active. Been Ziplining a whole bunch already.
  8. We'll be visiting Cozumel via Royal Caribbean soon and have read that XCaret is not recommended to do on your own. We normally never do the shop excursions, but in this case, it seems like it may be wise to book with the ship. Is there anything we should know before booking the CZ81 8-hour XCaret trip?
  9. perhaps RCL is different but every cruise I've been on before, the spin bikes were off limits unless you paid for the class. Even if they weren't in use.
  10. Our kids are 12 and 15 now and have been on their own on the ship for 4-5 years easily, maybe more. We sometimes only see them once or twice a day, usually up at the buffet or basketball court or arcade. they've almost always had their own room. Of course they're always welcome to hang with us and sometimes they do, but mostly we're just boring parents
  11. thanks all, yes, will def cancel and re-book if it drops. I just didn't want to see prices go up as we're getting closer to the sail date, I'm not sure if that will happen or not. Purchasing a few things today!
  12. First time RC cruiser here. We just booked and are on a fairly short timeframe until the cruise leaves. I've read that the prices on some of the items can drop, but I'm guessing they can also go up? Is there any reason I shouldn't just purchase the items now to protect from any future price increases? Of course, I'm hoping they'll drop, but I also would be upset if they went up and never came down again. Should I just go ahead and just purchase now and keep watching for price drops?
  13. depends on the view......for something like the Panama Canal, Europe, Alaska, the first couple Caribbean cruises, the view of the balcony is great. Now that we've seen each Caribbean island multiple times, we do enjoy the savings on the inside cabins. Plus wife likes it nice and dark to sleep so that's a plus for her. On a Caribbean cruise, I'd rather have an inside cabin plus drink package over the price of a balcony.
  14. man, that's almost depressing when you see it written out like that.
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