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  1. Be careful questioning the assertions about NCL employment. The results are not usually favorable. ;)
  2. TPEINC1958


    If you have a spare that you would not mind parting with you could forward to to me at my screen name @q.com ;)
  3. Really, and how exactly would you make the determination of which butler sucks and which one does not? Class warfare is rearing its' ugly head in so many areas of our society. So very sad!!! :confused:
  4. TPEINC1958


    Can anyone share a link to this promotion. I did not receive it any of our email accounts.
  5. TPEINC1958


    Well I just returned from a cruise last week. Maybe I will check DW's email to see if she received it.
  6. TPEINC1958


    I believe this promotion is for first time Shutterfly customers only. That is probably some of us did not receiver the email.
  7. Not on all ships...so you are also incorrect.
  8. Can you site specific examples to back this stance up? My experiences seem to be quite different from yours.
  9. TPEINC1958

    Buying liquor onboard

    Roe, I don't believe NCL has ever delivered booze purchases at the end of the cruise. I think you have always had to go pick it up unless you purchased it on the last night. At least that is the way it has been on all of my cruises.
  10. I'll ask again...source please. Stating a "fact is a fact" without source does not cut it when others have sources that have contrary facts.
  11. I am confused...what are you disagreeing with? You re-made all of my points for me. :confused:
  12. This only works for people who work at NCL corporate and very senior officers aboard ships.
  13. What confirmation do we have that Sean has left the company? Rumors like this get started everyday, does anyone have actual facts? Jim, don't you have personal contact with Sean?