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  1. Yes they are still in business. We had to cancel one excursion when our cruise in May was canceled. We rebooked for next year and have just booked excursions with them from Livorno and Naples. Same great service.
  2. Our TA did not charge a fee for the May cruise canceled by NCL. However we canceled our August cruise to Alaska right before final payment. They notified us that they would charge $100 per person which would remain as a credit if we booked another cruise within 3 months which we did. So no charges but the terms and conditions say yes they can charge us for cancellations.
  3. We just booked the NCL Star from Copenhagen to Southampton arriving Oct. 3, 2021 and we leave that day on the NCL Jade from Southampton to Rome. We have done about 5 b2b cruises but this is the first time we change ships. We will see how it goes.
  4. Has anyone sailed from Copenhagen to Southampton in late September? Ports are Warnermunde Germany, Gothenburg Sweden, Oslo Norway, Newhaven Scotland, Amsterdam Netherlands, Zeebrugge Belguim and LeHavre France. I am only booking this as the last three ports are ones we were scheduled to be on right now before it got canceled. My question is about the first 3 ports. Any suggestions? Is there any possibllity that we won't be able to get there because of the weather. We are trying to hit most of the ports we missed when our May 1 Jade trip from Rome to Amsterdam was canceled. We are booking Southampton to Rome after the first cruise I mentioned as a b2b changing from the Star to the Jade on the same day in Southampton. The second cruise hits most of the ports we are missing. Any help you can give about the first 3 ports would be appreciated. I have read what little there is on the ports of call boards. Thanks
  5. After I asked my TA to make sure the 20% was taken off we got a really strange cost with very little FCC left. My TA had to get on a phone call with NCL with me on the phone and NCL didn't reduce the price by 20% but used the FCC to reduce the price. They said the 20% was already reflected when the TA held the cabins. My TA told me that every NCL agent is doing things differently. What a mess. I am happy with the price and now understand what NCL did.
  6. OP here. I finally got it all straightened out with my TA. The deposits will be refunded by NCL and they will use more of my FCC for the deposit. Very pleased with my amenities from my TA. Thanks for all of your comments.
  7. OP here. My online TA got back to me today and she is working on whether the FCC will apply to the paid deposit. It is only a temporary authorization on my credit card at this time and hasn't been posted. The hold for the b2b cruises for 2021 expired last night and their website could only accept the booking this way so hopefully it will be straightened out soon. Thanks for all of your replies.
  8. NCL told me everyone had to pay the deposit before the FCC would be credited and the additional 20% off deducted. My FCC was plenty to cover the entire cruise.
  9. Our May 1 cruise was cancelled and we received 125% in FCC. I found a cruise for August 2021 and told my TA that I had FCC. She booked it but said I still had to pay the deposit in cash. She said the additional 20% off would come off after I paid the deposit. I called NCL and they said that was the correct procedure. I never saw anything that said I can't use my $9200 worth of FCC for the cruise including the deposit. Anyone confirm this? My TA is working from home and it sometimes takes days to get back to me, Thanks for any help. I am just checking your experiences not saying anyone did anything wrong.
  10. Just had a pleasant experience with Delta. Last night we noticed that our flight from LAX-Rome no longer showed on Delta's website. Our return flight from Amsterdam had not been cancelled. Then this morning we received an email from Travelocity stating that the Delta flight was cancelled and they had issued a travel voucher. No mention of how much or any other details. I decided to try calling Delta and it was only 20 minutes on hold and she looked up our reservation, I told her that I would like a refund and she said ok. She cancelled the return trip and issued a credit card credit which she said would be there in about 7+ days. We can only hope. I will book with Delta again! Now if NCL would cancel the actual cruise to Rome in one month we would be very happy.
  11. I am booked with Delta and took insurance. However the cancellation on the cruise is not a valid reason for the insurance to pay. I am going to wait to cancel until later in April and maybe by then one of us will have coronavirus so our doctor will certify that we can't fly. It can't possibly be considered pre-existing if this should happen. Either that or a death in the family (I certainly hope not!) I will probably never pay for insurance again. Just another $116 in their pocket.
  12. When my husband turned 65 our insurance agent for supplemental Medicare and prescription drug told us that Medicare would not cover us for international travel. She sold us a GeoBlue policy which is a yearly policy costing $235 for both of us. It had a different name back then but we have kept in in force every year since there. Hopefullly we will never need it.
  13. We booked ahead of time. I think they may have been selling them at the little office where we turned in our vouchers for tickets. Loved the tour!
  14. Last year on a flight from Los Angeles to NZ we changed planes in Honolulu. Before take off people in hazmat suits came on the plane and sprayed everywhere in the cabin and in the overhead bins. They gave the passengers no protection or warning and it smelled terrible for at least an hour into our flight to Auckland. The flight attendants said it was for pest control. I sneezed for a long time.
  15. We are sailing on August 17 and I contacted Glacier Winds on 9/28. I received a phone call from Theresa later that day and thanked me for booking and informing me of the new ship that should be ready by then and made sure I was ok with it instead of the smaller one. I confirmed that it was fine. She was so nice and we are looking forward to our trip.
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