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  1. Mine is gone online but shows on the app. Hopefully it is just a glitch.
  2. Thanks so much for this thread. We are mostly NCL cruisers but have both NCL and Celebrity Apex booked ford 2022. Have a great time and looking forward to more of your advice and observations.
  3. All 3 of my 2022 cruises say "Default Itinerary Name" on my phone app. However when I logged in to NCL on my laptop they look fine. I am not going to stress yet and hope it is a glitch.
  4. Thanks for sharing your vacation with all of us.
  5. Thanks you for your thoughts. We are booked on Apex next year mainly because of the itinerary from Amsterdam. There were no suite staterooms available so we booked the Infinite. I don't think I will like it but am willing to try because of the ports. From what I have read you either like them or don't. Time will tell how we will feel.
  6. We received the same email yesterday. We were on the Joy sailing from Jamaica in August that NCL canceled. I sure wish I could do my check in for that cruise. Getting really tired of this.
  7. How do you see the menus in each of the 4 restaurants to decide where to eat? Is it on the app? Thanks for your help.
  8. Following with excitement. On the Apex in Europe September 2022.
  9. Sorry if I misread your post but we are on Apex Sept 11, 2022 from Amsterdam to Rome. The itinerary was perfect for us with Rome the only repeat port. Happy sailing
  10. We are on August 21 out of Jamaica and there are 117 excursions listed. It started out with a lower # and changes often. Still waiting to see if we can book private ones or not. No definitive answer yet.
  11. We are booked on the August 21 sailing and there are 60 excursions listed. I hope more show up or I will have to ask advise on the beachy excursions as most of these ports are new to us. We have taken land trips to Belize and Cozumel and have been to Ocho Rios port but that's all. If any of you have suggestions with the limited number available let me know please.
  12. Ours are not available yet but thanks for the reminder. Hope they let us off for some excursions.
  13. We just booked this cruise yesterday with air and deviation from NCL for August 21. We live in CA and are fully vaccinated. The questions about Jamaica were asked and I did research about their entry and exit requirements and this is what I read. I am flying in early from the west coast as the flight will undoubtedly be a red eye and I want a day before the cruise to make sure there are no problems. Our flight from San Jose roundtrip through NCL was $899 plus deviation fee of $25 to come in a day early. NCL did not have hotels for pre-cruise only post-cruise. We booked the S Hot
  14. Thanks so much. That's it! Off to do some reading.
  15. I can't seem to remember the log in name for a lady that writes long and wonderful trip reviews mostly of the Caribbean. Her log in might to start with Mis? but I can't seem to remember. She was a nurse in the northeast US and injured her foot several years ago by stepping over a gas station hose. Her daughter wore a mermaid tail when she was younger. Can anyone help? I want to go to the western caribbean and would love to review her posts. She may also have started a blog. Any help would be greatly appreciated now that cruising may commence.
  16. Here in California we were vaccinated by the county and no insurance or medicare cards were checked. Friends of ours who went through CVS or Rite-Aid had to show their cards.
  17. We are booked on a b2b in Sept-Oct 2021 in Europe. The second half of the b2b was just listed as Default Itinerary Name this morning. The first part is still listed but suspect it may change soon. We have a b2b to Alaska in August and our cruises have been listed as Default Itinerary Name for the last 2 months. I wish NCL would just cancel, give us our fcc so we can book some 2022 cruises. Fully vaccinated and ready to do! Donna
  18. I am trying to book 2 cruises to replaced our canceled ones from 2020 and 2021. I am looking at the Getaway leaving Copenhagen Oct. 18, 2022 arriving in Southampton on October 28, 2022. The next listing I find is on November 14, 2022 from Southampton to Rome. There is no listing for the Getaway from October 18-Nov. 14. I wanted to do both of these but don't want to wait from Oct. 28-Nov. 14, 2022 to sail. Any thoughts? I checked dry dock schedules with no luck. Thanks for any help.
  19. Yes they are still in business. We had to cancel one excursion when our cruise in May was canceled. We rebooked for next year and have just booked excursions with them from Livorno and Naples. Same great service.
  20. Our TA did not charge a fee for the May cruise canceled by NCL. However we canceled our August cruise to Alaska right before final payment. They notified us that they would charge $100 per person which would remain as a credit if we booked another cruise within 3 months which we did. So no charges but the terms and conditions say yes they can charge us for cancellations.
  21. We just booked the NCL Star from Copenhagen to Southampton arriving Oct. 3, 2021 and we leave that day on the NCL Jade from Southampton to Rome. We have done about 5 b2b cruises but this is the first time we change ships. We will see how it goes.
  22. Has anyone sailed from Copenhagen to Southampton in late September? Ports are Warnermunde Germany, Gothenburg Sweden, Oslo Norway, Newhaven Scotland, Amsterdam Netherlands, Zeebrugge Belguim and LeHavre France. I am only booking this as the last three ports are ones we were scheduled to be on right now before it got canceled. My question is about the first 3 ports. Any suggestions? Is there any possibllity that we won't be able to get there because of the weather. We are trying to hit most of the ports we missed when our May 1 Jade trip from Rome to Amsterdam was canceled. We
  23. After I asked my TA to make sure the 20% was taken off we got a really strange cost with very little FCC left. My TA had to get on a phone call with NCL with me on the phone and NCL didn't reduce the price by 20% but used the FCC to reduce the price. They said the 20% was already reflected when the TA held the cabins. My TA told me that every NCL agent is doing things differently. What a mess. I am happy with the price and now understand what NCL did.
  24. OP here. I finally got it all straightened out with my TA. The deposits will be refunded by NCL and they will use more of my FCC for the deposit. Very pleased with my amenities from my TA. Thanks for all of your comments.
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