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  1. I’m a solo traveller and have received upgrades from Cunard, Princess, various luxury hotels and airlines. My best Cunard upgrade was from a Q6 to a Q1. I was Gold at the time (currently Platinum). It can be like winning the lottery in some ways. Random and always someone else.
  2. So I am looking at booking a Sept 2022 TA and the current deal offered is very good, including very good OBC. Problem is (and I had this confirmed by phone) that under current rules, as a solo passenger I must eat alone and I cannot socialise with anyone on board at any time. The agent seemed surprised I’d sail solo (disappointing that Cunard isn’t being proactive about us solo travellers - we are a sizeable market). That’s really putting me off booking. While I hope that that will totally change by then, I just don’t know if it is worth taking the risk. I expect some degree
  3. I think that reference is easier being Brit or Australian. And my ritual before a Cunard voyage is to watch the QE2 episode of Keeping Up Appearances. As I pack the last things into my matching executive luggage with the leather embellishments, the episode always helps remind me to ask the post office to have all my mail redirected to the ship 😎 In seriousness, I am grateful to those with extensive cruising backgrounds on board as I’ve learnt so much that has helped me when in ports and to know the ins and outs on the ship itself. I do find QG passengers well educated and
  4. I find those people exist in Britannia too. It’s not just in the Grills. There’s also not that many of them and I find they stick out In a comedic way. Last Jan on QV there was a lady who always entertained and claimed to know all the crew etc. She went on and on about it every dining time. Very Hyacinth. But she provided entertainment for everyone else betting on how many names she would drop before main meals etc. Actually a very nice person all in all and in reality many who do talk about the number of cruises/voyages are worth tapping for information, especially if not a seasoned cruiser.
  5. I have worn both clip on and self tie, although I always get the butler to do the tie and cufflinks on a formal night. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter whether a man is wearing a clip on or a self tie bow tie, what matters is he is dressed according to the code. I came across a self tie obsessed person onboard once. He was wearing this garish red bow tie which made him look rather clownish. He didn’t have a leg to stand on really. The best part was that he grumbled about having to go to early sitting and then said to me he supposed I’d be at the late sitting. I mentioned that
  6. I hear that from people a lot, that PG isn’t as stuffy as QG. All my QG dining experiences have been fantastic. I have always dined at a large table and people have been convivial and not stuffy in the least. Quite the contrary, the worst dining companions I have encountered were in Britannia, from the grumbling penny pinching man from the Midlands who could never be pleased to the woman who appointed herself head of the table and tried to enforce a seating plan and told people what to order (I moved tables after two nights, the first and only time I have ever had to do that on Cunar
  7. You are welcome. It really is a fantastic series. I do believe they identify the speakers on screen the first time they speak (they did in the televised version from 1997, which I recorded at the time). Episodes 3 (The Great Duel) and 4 (Endless Voyage) are my favourites. There was also a hardcover book version, which included many photographs. Not sure whether that can be purchased now. Again, I bought it in the 90s. It recognises all the names of the historians who speak. We didn’t get The American World City of 250,000 tonnes (explored in Episode 4), but we did get the
  8. Delicious. And yes, finger bowls are essential. Were they going to make them all up once or wait until you had eaten one to then make you another? And then repeat? Would they have fed them to you as well I wonder? 😂 If they have it on board, they will make it. In the days of the original Queen Mary, allegedly one dinner story goes that a man asked for elephant and the maître de replied ‘would sir like African or Indian?’ I do love dining on Cunard. My waistline does not. I don’t know how anyone does a world cruise! So many meals...
  9. The only complaints I’ve heard of with upgrades are those who find themselves in an obstructed balcony stateroom on QM2. But if going from an inside to an obstructed view I wouldn’t see that as too bad. Cunard has been pretty generous with upgrades in the past. My favourite was my double upgrade on QM2 from Q6 to Q5 then again to Q1.
  10. I have ordered the dishes for two people just as one serving and have never been denied. Next time I will be ordering Peking duck, but that does require at least four days’ notice.
  11. Yes, Bill is indeed a Cunard favourite. He’s extremely knowledgeable and entertaining. I was fortunate enough to have a drink with him in the Commodore one night on the QM2. I first encountered him on a documentary series called The Liners, a fantastic four part series covering the beginnings of steam powered ships through to the end of the 20th century. It’s what first got me interested in liners in a major way. The series is all on YouTube, with episode 1 here: https://youtu.be/NwLMgwc95jM I was quite excited when I learnt my first Cunard voyage would feature him. That was a treat.
  12. I got mine 4 hours ago via email. It included promotional things too. I still have a real card I received on QM2 many Christmases ago now - 2012 to be precise. 8 years ago to this day I stepped aboard her for the first time. My first Cunard voyage 🙂That one was signed.
  13. While it would be a nice Christmas gift of Cunard to put out more details of their new build, sadly I suspect any further news will come only when the industry restarts proper (it’s been 12 months almost since I cruised, but feels like it’s been 12 years!). Ultimately we will get what the designers believe will generate revenue by attracting maximum passenger numbers. That’s been covered at length already. But it’s always fun to speculate (not much else to do) so I put out a simple question: How would you design the interior of the new ship if you had the chance? From al
  14. So good to see QM2 again. Will watch not just for Streep and Wiest (loved her in The Associate, 1996) but for the beautiful setting. So many good memories. Cannot believe it’s been 3-4 years since I was onboard (only 10 months since QV at least, but that too seems a world away now).
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