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  1. We will be flying into FLL, spending the night there and driving in a rental car to Miami the next day to board our cruise. Can anyone tell me what is the closest Avis drop off point to the pier? We have done this once before but I just can't remember where we dropped off the car.

  2. We stayed there in April before our cruise and have it reserved for next April.


    It is a nice place. It was find for us and considering the price of the other places it is wonderful.


    It is not right on the beach but is behind another hotel. I believe it is the La Quita. Since we just stayed one night it was not a problem for us.


    If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.



    Are there any restaurants nearby or would we have to drive? We do have a car but I was just wondering how far we would be from a nice restaurant.

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