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  1. We're on Summit for the first time next week, so I'll be following along! Can you check if Qsine is indeed gone, replaced by Le Petite Chef? In case you can't watch the game tonight, I'll be cheering on the Steelers for you 🙂
  2. A few of the large volume online TAs often have group bookings that are less expensive than X. Our Thanksgiving cruise on Summit is a group booking and it was hundreds less PP than what was shown on the X website. There are restrictions, like no changing promotions, though.
  3. We sailed HAL 2-3 years ago on Eurodam, and had our first cruise on X a few months ago on Equinox. We liked X better--the ship was nicer and the food was much better. I did like the variety of music on HAL, with Lincoln Center Stage and BB King's. If the price is comparable, I'd go with X, especially if all the perks are included.
  4. Interesting... you should have only been upgraded to an E3.
  5. I had this same question, but last night realized when you're in your cruise planner, there is an option to book each of the MDRs. Click on the "Dining" drop down and you'll see "Complimentary Dining in Tuscan," for example. Click on that and you can make your reservations.
  6. I had always assumed this to be the case, but with the flights to SJU for our cruise next week, we were able to get seats as soon as we made the reservation even thought we hadn't paid. I was very surprised.
  7. Yes, it was the Nationwide policy we purchased. They have three levels of coverage, so I took that into account when purchasing our policy, and purchased the mid-level plan. Plus, the way I read their least expensive plan, it looks like that one doesn't offer a pre-existing condition waiver (not sure I'm correct on that, though). My husband was playing golf at several ports, which was nonrefundable, so we wanted to make sure we had coverage for that. ETA: I just looked at the thread you mentioned, and it dealt with pre-departure changes in itinerary. Our change happened during the cruise. Frankly, I was surprised that Nationwide's benefits were so high for a pre-departure itinerary change. I kept hoping we'd get a pre-departure change for one of our cruises to collect that $1250, but nope 🙂
  8. For a recent cruise, we purchased cruise-specific travel insurance because we were concerned about port cancellations, and it covered excursions. We had a port cancelled in Spain because of the civil protests, and while we didn't have an excursion scheduled that day, we have applied for the "missed port nuisance" reimbursement. This coverage was more expensive than the Trip Protector policies we usually purchase through Steve's company. I've never been quite clear on what might happen with a missed port when it's "regular" travel insurance, so perhaps Steve can provide some information.
  9. Hi Lynne, I thought the stop in Tarragona would have been nice, but once I saw it was only going to be a half day, that was disappointing to me. The usual long port days on Azamara have me spoiled, I guess 🙂 Glad we got the chance to chat during the CC gathering--always nice to put faces with names!
  10. I'd be leaning towards the Canada or Yellowstone trips and save the cruise for when you have your child with you. Those sounds like great trips!
  11. I think it was offered during the first three days in August, but prior to that, I'm not sure when it had been last offered fleet-wide. We booked a June 2019 cruise on Equinox back in October 2018 because X offered four perks on Equinox.
  12. Did you check a TA website? The price shouldn't have changed under this promotion.
  13. On my screen, the price with four perks shows as what I posted in #107, which is "Best Value." I don't think it matters what we call it, just that if you want the price with four perks, make sure the box says four perks 🙂
  14. This is another cruise that doesn't appear to be pricing correctly--the "Best Value" option only shows two perks instead of four when I do a mock booking.
  15. I just tried doing a mock booking for this sailing, and it's not showing the correct pricing for four perks--it's only showing two perks and then you have to add the other two, which results in a higher price. For the Veteran's Day sale, when you get to the pricing, the right hand pricing should say "Best Value, Four Perks Included." You can scroll back to my post #107 to see what the correct pricing screen should look like. Not to say that this promo is any better for your sailing, but it's probably not as bad as it appears.
  16. I just noticed that the title of the thread is "four perks for the price of two," so that's probably why the basic fare is lower--it has no perks. We'd need someone that had priced out a cruise with two perks before the sale to see if the extra two perks were added on for free.
  17. I think the $200 cancellation fee doesn't apply until cruise final payment date. As I said, we've used Choice Air several times and haven't had any trouble, knock on wood. And like you, saved thousands on our business class flights. I'm anxiously awaiting for tickets to open up for our South American cruise next year, hoping we can again get a great deal.
  18. That's a fantastic deal--even better than we got for an Edge IV in April! Booked an E4 with the one category upgrade, so Deck 7 unobstructed, for $1302 PP. It was only $25 more PP than Equinox for that same week, so a no-brainer for us to try a new ship.
  19. I've done a few mock bookings for various Caribbean cruises, and all the ones I've done have come up as $140 more PP for the perks promo. I don't know if that's the differential for all cruises, though.
  20. It's not coming up for me with the four perks--as I recommended earlier, try a TA website, use the chat feature on the X website, or call. I'd look at a TA website to get an idea of the correct price, then use the chat feature.
  21. I’d spend some time on YouTube and check out the various videos of the two ships to get an idea of each of them, and see if one might appeal to you more based on appearance. We had our first cruise on X on Equinox in June in a “hump” balcony cabin, meaning it had an extra deep balcony that could fit a lounge chair. We really liked Equinox and would sail on her again. We ate in Murano one night, but were fine eating in the MDR the rest of the time. Personally, as a new cruiser, I would try the MDR and see what you think of the food before spending money on specialty dining. We also have upcoming cruises booked on Summit and Edge in the next five months. I like the idea of the four dining rooms on Edge, and we don’t spend so much time on our balcony that we’re bothered by the idea of the infinite balcony. Personally, for me if the price is similar, I’d try Edge simply because it’s a newer ship. But my guess is for your “almost” first cruise, you’ll be fine with either. No matter what cruise line we’re on, we don’t book cabins above or below public areas so there’s no issue with noise. You may also want to stay a couple cabins away from the elevators for the same reason.
  22. That’s what we’ve been trying to tell you—many cruises are not showing up correctly with the four perks included. Glad you were able to get the promo.
  23. Some cruises aren't showing up correctly, like the screen shot you just posted. They should come up the way mine did, with the four perks included. If you don't see it with the four perks included, try a travel agent website, or call X or do a chat.
  24. It sounds like yours didn't price correctly, either. You shouldn't have to click to get the four perks--it should show up included in the "right box" pricing.
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