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  1. We decided to take the refund, as the extra 25% was only about $240 more PP (assuming I calculated the value correctly). Prices are so high right now, that amount wouldn't help much. If we'd been able to apply it to our fall Azamara cruise, we'd have taken the FCC, but since it can't be used across brands, the refund is better.
  2. I was just watching TV while working out and they broke in with a news conference. They said the person returned to NOLA on 3/5, and then to Ohio on 3/6, and the next day started feeling unwell. He was tested on 3/11 and they received the results the next day. https://www.dispatch.com/
  3. The Columbus (OH) Department of Public Health just announced a Columbus resident that boarded Carnival Valor on 2/29 out of New Orleans has tested positive for COVID-19. He is quarantined at home, as are two family members.
  4. In my email from Celebrity, there is a link where you can request a refund instead of the FCC. Also, it says we can request a refund up until the expiration date of the FCC.
  5. hiccups


    With so many cancellations already, that's a good bet.
  6. No apologies necessary! I certainly didn't think it would impact Azamara until I did a search on the website. Plus, I haven't seen the notice on their website yet. Thinking they might just contact those booked. I'm curious about the TA, though. Will disembarking in Miami count as a US sailing? Hopefully someone booked will keep us updated.
  7. I posted in the coronavirus thread Pursuit is supposed to sail from Miami on 4/5. It leaves Lima for the TA on 3/23, then the next cruise is 4/5.
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    It's been posted on the Celebrity website now. We're scheduled to sail on Celebrity Edge on 4/5, so I'll be awaiting a cancellation email. https://www.celebritycruisespresscenter.com/press-release/1158/royal-caribbean-announces-voluntary-suspension-of-cruising/
  9. hiccups


    Doesn't impact Azamara, I don't think, but here we go in the US: https://www.royalcaribbeanpresscenter.com/press-release/1435/royal-caribbean-announces-voluntary-suspension-of-cruising/ ETA: Just looked and saw the Pursuit voyage leaving from Miami on 4/5, so I assume that will fall under this suspension.
  10. I thought I had read that on the X website, that it had to be booked by 12/31/20 and the cruise taken by 12/31/21. But now all I see is that the FCC must be used on a cruise departing by 12/31/21.
  11. Yes, I commented last week I agreed with you, as our same sailing next year would also be double! Our cruise is 4/5, and we're waiting until the 30th to decide. I'd rather Celebrity cancel than us, so we can get a refund rather than the FCC, with the prices the way they are. We'd just hold on to the FCC as long as possible.
  12. Where have you seen this information? So far I've only read Princess is cancelling.
  13. I can't speak to the comparison with Cellar Masters, as our first X sailing was on the revolutionized Equinox, but we were able to use our premium package at Craft Social for drinks within the $15 price limit.
  14. I totally understand OP's POV. We are due to cruise in less than four weeks, and will make our decision in the coming weeks. But in the back of my mind is, "We got such a fantastic deal on this cruise, and to book the exact same cruise with perks next year is double the price, plus we'd lose the extra $200 OBC from the Veteran's Day sale." If we do cancel, we'll just wait to book something else. I'm glad we have until the end of the year to book. Of course, if X (or any other cruise line) offered the exact same deal for a re-booked cruise, not many people would have any incentive to keep their current booking, so I understand why they are not making that offer. I'm glad X is giving us the choice to cruise or cancel.
  15. The one time we sailed in a suite on Royal Caribbean, the day after embarkation I came down with a nasty cold. I self-quarantined myself for pretty much the whole cruise--at least we had a decent cabin to enjoy! Now we may get off the ship for an hour or so, and then go back and enjoy the pool or some of the onboard activities.
  16. If you use the Choice Air website you can select economy, PE or business class pricing.
  17. As an Explorer that books OV or balcony, You decreased my internet benefit, Azamara. Some “enhancement.” However, happy for those that will benefit.
  18. Gosh, we liked so many of them! World Class (need a premium drink package, though), Martini Bar, Sunset Bar and Craft Social.
  19. I come from a different perspective because we're only at the Explorer level, but I really appreciate that we get a bag of laundry on Azamara, because we don't on Celebrity. The current internet benefit on Azamara is better than X, too, for Explorer. Were I at a higher level and had better benefits on X than Azamara, though, I'd certainly be scratching my head as to why the "better" brand wasn't at least matching benefits.
  20. Thank you for your posts! We're on Edge for the first time in April and I loved seeing your pictures.
  21. We are the people that always fly in day-of for domestic cruises. Yes, I know we've been lucky. Anyway, as long as you've checked out other flight options in case your original flight is cancelled/delayed, I (obviously) think you'd be fine.
  22. You would only be charged a cancellation fee after final payment. Until that point, there is no fee. Yesterday I booked (but did not pay for) flights through Choice Air for a South American cruise in November. While our usual experience is that international Choice Air flights for business class are much cheaper than booking directly with the airline (last year our tickets to Europe were less than half the cost of booking with the airline), this time, the tickets were only about $25 PP less expensive. I still thought it was worth booking through Choice Air because I can keep an eye on prices and re-book if a better deal comes along. I did notice, however, that the price quoted included a $50 nonrefundable Choice Air fee, which I don't recall on our previous bookings. But as we haven't yet paid for the tickets, as you noted, I'm not sure how they could impose that fee. For our Summit cruise out of SJU last November, we booked our tickets and later I was able to get two price reductions (which for the first one, included switching to flights on another airline). No fees were assessed.
  23. Wow, that's great! The M&Ms for our two X cruises were very poorly attended. I felt bad for the crew--there were more of them than us! Embarrassing to have single digit attendees when at least 25 people have signed up.
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