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  1. Sorry milepig. I posted this since it is actually LIVE coverage and a passenger is posting.
  2. I'm doing research for Alaska 2020. I want to do around 2 weeks land/cruise. I put that in the filter and got 66 PAGES of results. I can see some of the differences, but I'm more confused than ever on how to choose. Can anyone recommend their favs and help me out? I'm also looking at other lines and like the Princess land portion because of their resorts, and Celebrity because one of their land tours is by train. THANKS 🙂
  3. The rivers don't go everywhere! The bus is required to get you there & THEN you get off and visit the destination.
  4. I have been on 4 VRCs. The "panorama tours" are usually in the big cities to give you an overview. Most of the included tours are to the sites you want to see, with preferred access, for example, The Forbidden City & Great Wall in China; Monet's Gardens & Normandy in France; all the Pyramids, temples, tombs & museum in Egypt; The Catherine Palace, Kremlin, Ballet, Hermitage in Russia. I have taken a few optionals like the dawn hot-air balloon ride over the Valley of the Kings, and Abu SImbal because I REALLY wanted to do them. Well worth it! I like Viking for river cruising, but I'm considering O for Alaska, and Med. for 2020. I think VO is overpriced, but still comparing.
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