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    Cruise ticket and Boarding Form

    Thanks Dancer, I printed out everything just to make sure I did not miss anything.
  2. [quote name='PhDUnderTheSea']I was happy to find this thread thinking it meant the policy has changed. But alas, it has not. We are strongly mulling a 49 night itinerary in Asia aboard Volendam for 2016. Between air fare, excursions, pre and post cruise stays, incidentals, and the cruise itself (undecided if balcony or a full suite; inclined to go for a full suite though) we are looking at a budget of roughly $45K, and frankly I think that will come up on the low side. Do you think I am anxious to spend $45K for an experience with a company that can not sufficiently guarantee my comfort? HAL will have to reform their smoking policy to match what is commonly accepted as standard in the hospitality business before I will sign the dotted line, so to speak. We will monitor changes, but if they do not occur soon we will simply choose another cruise line or another type of vacation. We are not loyal to any hospitality business so do not have much in way of loyalty perks, though we often will pay for a suite in order to have the amenities we want at the time we travel. We are more interested in seeing unique places. I had sent an email to HAL asking about this policy and received a canned response that was almost offensive, as if I did not know how to read the current policy. Best- Steve[/QUOTE] And we DO spend this sort of money as we CAN smoke on balconies as HAL is the only main stream cruise line which allows smoking on balconies. ;)
  3. Cashew14

    A plea from one of your younger cruisers

    [quote name='markham']Well Cashew14, your post takes the (Christmas) cake! So let me get this straight. Despite personal and first references about Emily and her family, you don't get her message, much less accept it. That's fine, of course. Each to his own. And then there are your own views... Anyway, I will be on the upcoming 40 day cruise on Sojourn. And soon you too will partake of your first Seabourn cruise. So you will be learning something about Seabourn and its regular passengers too, I trust. Maybe we can get together and you can tell me more about how children and young adults should behave, with whom they should travel, whether this particular 14 year old should have access to this cruisecritic board and where your views on "mental capacity" are getting you, pedagogically or otherwise? And I will repeat and elaborate on my views on rudeness and add some insights about gracious behavior, self-doubt and humility- to demonstrate that I will be prepared for our our tete a tete too. Happy sailing![/QUOTE] Merry Christmas. I don't have a problem with children on board. The problem are parents putting their children in this situation. If they decide to take a child on board of Seabourn, I think they should prepare their child and themselves for possible bad comments. Is it right that children get verbally abused on board? Of course not. What I am saying is, it is not hard to predict behaviour of some people towards children on board of this particular cruise line. And some of the people who do not wish to see children on Seabourn have voiced this very clearly on here. It can't come as a surprise, surely.
  4. Cashew14

    A plea from one of your younger cruisers

    I think Seabourn might do everyone a favour by declaring a minimum age for sailing on their ships. I don't have a problem with children on board. But others on Seabourn do which is obvious reading several posts regarding this subject on this board. If my children were little I would not dream bringing them on board and being exposed to the "anti children" behaviour on board. Also I believe a 14 year old should hang out with their age group, not adults at all times. Whether they are "mature" or not is not really the issue. We all think our children and grandchildren are the "best, most intelligent, gifted etc". It does not mean others have to think that way. Sorry this 14 year old had to encounter some negative experiences but really anyone could see this coming especially since the OP is a member on cruise critic. If she had written this post, then I assume she has the mental capacity to deal with these issues. If not, then she is not as mature as she or her parents believe. Therefore it was and is the wrong decision to take this child on this particular cruise line but maybe it is time to take her on a more child friendly ship.
  5. Cashew14

    A plea from one of your younger cruisers

    I have been following the Seabourn board since we now have booked our first Seabourn cruise. I believe there is a 14 year old girl on board. I don't believe she wrote this post herself. Merry Christmas :)
  6. Cashew14

    Denied boarding

    We cruise with Holland America and not once had to state the insurance company or policy number? Is this unique to Royal Caribbean?
  7. Cashew14

    Denied boarding

    OP, I really feel the disappointment especially for the children. As DreamingBig1 said, I would go for the approach that you wanted to avoid to bring a sick child on board. I would not go for the "2 minutes after boarding" approach as they might put their walls up and might get very defensive. You posted such a nice post and only wanted advice, I think writing to customer service or speaking to them on the phone might be the best way to do it. Whatever happens, I wish you and your family a happy xmas. :)
  8. Cashew14

    Cheapest BA-tickets never possible to upgrade?

    Strange. Normally there is the upgrade option in Manage my bookings. Maybe its sold out. Did you try to phone them? If this does not work, the only thing I can think off is to upgrade in New York at the airport if they still have seats left in Business class. They have asked us once in Miami and I think the upgrade was 500 Dollars per person. Sorry, can't help more than that. :)
  9. Cashew14

    Cruises to Cuba

    [quote name='csmjfmbe']Hello JB We arrive on the 13th so I can pick your brains about the ship over a beer or two. Cheers Mike[/QUOTE] Looks like my alcohol consumption is rising regarding toasting across the pond. :cool:
  10. Cashew14

    Are large balconies worth the extra

    Nothing better than a large balcony :) You won't regret it.
  11. Cashew14


    Don't feel too bad. If someone recommends something to me, I look into it. I do my own research and if I am happy with it, I will then go for it. I would never make the other person feel uncomfortable for a recommendation, but rather blame myself for not having it researched enough for myself. :)
  12. Cashew14

    Cruises to Cuba

    [quote name='John Bull']Hi, Mike. Cashew's post got me thinking exactly the same thing. We all want to visit unspoilt areas but of course by doing so we're all playing our part in spoiling them. Catch 22. (Yes, Cashew, can't promise a full cruise review, but certainly our experiences in Havana) We're aboard 6th Jan for two weeks. Cabin 5120 if you want to share a beer or two. RollCall (of sorts) at [url]http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2006448[/url] [B][COLOR="Red"]JB[/COLOR][/B] :)[/QUOTE] Thank you very much, John. :) We are flying out to Gran Canaria on the 5th of January for 4 weeks to escape the winter partially and to play a lot of golf. But I will toast to you across the Atlantic. And who knows, maybe one day we will be able to have a beer or two. In Havana ;)
  13. Cashew14

    Worst cruise on a beautiful ship!

    I read the review out of interest for another cruise line. I found it a balanced review. Yes, he was mad about what happened but I could also clearly see the positives in his review. Maybe when you are ill on a ship this would dampen the experience and the taste for food also and in general no one is "happy" when they are ill. This could be another factor of the not so great experience. To the European dining culture. :):o We spend a lot of time on the Canary Islands and I must say, 2 and a half hours is minimum for us. Lets say we go at 7:00 pm. We very often don't leave the restaurant until 10:30 or 11:00 pm. I agree with one of the posters, if you need to leave early, it usually works to let the waiter know. I hope you have a lovely cruise next time around whichever ship you choose.
  14. I also answered. Good luck :)
  15. Cashew14

    1st time on Princess, set me right please

    Hi there I think the best way to approach this cruise is to keep expectations low and be happy and enjoy. Good food to me is also important (hence us having booked with Seabourn for a future cruise), but if you know it won't reach this standard, at least you won't be disappointed. We sailed Princess before and the speciality restaurant was good, but nothing to rave about. I would also rather take a cruise than fly, no matter which ship. :D Have a fantastic holiday. :)