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  1. Yes they should when they have just had a major problem a month ago, of course they should. Don't tell me they didn't think "what could we do better next time"? Plleeeasee
  2. You saw a possible need and had the foresight to get one. People who work for big companies (like Princess for example) did NOT think about it until too late. It was obvious weeks ago.
  3. Well that's not very good is it. Total ineptitude, who employs these people, they let the faulty ones go out as well!
  4. And not enough thought into the "cruise ship problem". What a mess, from no test kits available to not having enough masks. Who does these peoples thinking for them. After the Diamond Princess problem you would think there would be a pallet of masks in the hold.
  5. I have now read that the guy was not from one of the banned countries. I knew he was checked before coming on board. I withdraw my comments unreservedly. The messages issued by the ship have allayed my fears.
  6. A VERY, VERY good question. One that if I had joined for the cruise I would DEFINATELY want to know. MSC, were you not honest with your passengers?
  7. I agree completely with you and disagree completely with ncpl. The agreement by US state officials to take known positive people was a mistake of gigantic proportions. Don't give me that "paperwork was done" crap. It was a stupid mistake that the CDC wanted no part of.
  8. So you are saying the bureaucrats at the state department risked the lives of the negative results people coming home to USA on repatriation flight for political reasons so as not to destroy US relationship with Japan? Do me a favour, are you for real?
  9. https://www.state.gov/joint-statement-by-u-s-department-of-state-and-u-s-department-of-health-and-human-services-on-repatriation-of-american-passengers-from-the-diamond-princess-cruise-ship/ Scroll right down to full transcript at the bottom and read questions from various media. They were only allowed to ask one question each and not allowed any comebacks. This is going to blow up, one of the most pertinant questions was how long were (known) infected people sitting on the busses with non infected people. The answer was "there was a 40 minute ride to the airport and busses we
  10. I want to know that as well. We sent over a 747 plane with room for what, 400 and all we get is 32 (and that included some "EU" citizens). Were perhaps some of them crew and not allowed to travel but HAD to stay on ship to get their 2 months extra pay?
  11. It opens for me for 3 seconds then says pay........ and the article goes.
  12. I really don't want to subscribe to the Japanese Times or the Singapore Gazette or the Hong Kong News, three journals I will probably never want to view again after a week has gone by.
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