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  1. in the past i have asked the question about the earliest that xruisers have boarded the ship. Another thread at the moment showing the large amount of people heading to the port early. Heres my question, what is the earliest you have gone to the port? I once went at 6am, saw the large majority of passengers off and was first in line. Felt a real buzz being down there and being joined by fellow fanatical cruisers and talking all things cruise before security let us enter BigKeith
  2. BigKeith

    H2O Zone

    I have just been speaking to some close friends of mine who were on the Liberty last week. They were surprised how many adults were in the H2O zone. Is there any official age for using it? It always looks like a lot of fun
  3. Hi everyone, Been away from the boards for a while and I've just got back from Benidorm. I've always loved Beni but I don't go for as long as I used to. I remember many years ago when I went on packages to the Costas and had a really great time. I know with the Euro things aren't what they were but after strongly catching the cruising bug I don't think I'd enjoy that type of holiday as much now that I've experience a great alternative. I have friends who love to cruise but will also make time for skiing in the year. Curious, what did you do for holidays before and would/do you still doit after catching that highly contageous 'cruise bug'? Big Keith
  4. firstly, this isn't a thread about most people's favourite subject about how 'everything was so good back in the day compared to today because of X,Y and Z.' I see so mamy people on these boards ask questions such as 'been on the Oasis, will i be disappointed with the Freedom/Voyager etc or been on the Voyager will I be disappointed with Radience, Vision, Monarch etc. I have been cruising many years and have been fortunate to be on ships around 30,000 tonnes. I love all RCI ships from the Monarch to the Allure. I don't see bigger ships as being 'better' only 'different'. I understand my cruise on the Oasis is very different to that on the Splendour but either way they are both fantastic! Ive been fortunate in that i started sailing smaller ships back in the day and absolutely love them, just as i love big ships. I do worry though for todays new generation of cruisers who've only been on a 140,000 ton ship and are scared to try anything smaller, 'back in the day' I didnt have a choice but i got to see that side of cruising. On the plus side, if all these new cruisers won't go on anything other than Oasis or Allure there'll be plenty of room on the smaller ships for me :D BigKeith
  5. BigKeith

    Which deals do you see the most!

    Havent seen that one in the papers. Todays Mail travel section had a few nice cruises, including the wine one on Constellation. Really seem to be pushing that one
  6. BigKeith

    RCCL weak on caribbean schedule

    This is why i gdt upset when Royal Caribbean gets rid of older ships. I know theyre always adding newer ones but with more ships they can offer more options. Why didnt they keep the Empress? She did some great longer cruises and they should have kept the Sovereign, she coulddo the Bahamas and Monarch could do 14 nighters out of PC with a varied itineraty
  7. BigKeith

    Sunshine Class

    Could they all be fitted onto a 160000 ton ship though?
  8. BigKeith

    Sunshine Class

    I know that nobody knows much about the details but when people say "they're designed for cooler climates' what does that actually mean? Will the entire pool deck be enclosed? Big Keith
  9. BigKeith

    Help needed, Florida cruising

    That's great, very helpful and i sppreciate it, the dates look about right for me. The only problem, i was hoping for perhaps four different ships
  10. BigKeith

    Anybody stayed on the ship?

    Wow, he must really have liked that ship!
  11. BigKeith

    Best papers for cruise deals?

    Seen some great deals in the past in the Mail and Express.Havent read the Sun for a while but do they still have a few in there? Sunday Telegraph has a few good adverts in and a good website also. Any of the other papers have much in? Big Keith
  12. BigKeith

    Help needed, Florida cruising

    This is partly my point though, being a ship fanatic i love getting on as many ships as possible, I would just prefer to have a varied range of ports
  13. BigKeith

    Help needed, Florida cruising

    I was considering following the Trotter Brothers' example and renting a motorised home to save checking into hotels